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Bonefish Grill for healthy food and a great time

Ahi Tuna with Sticky Rice and Veggies from Bonefish Grill in Cincinnati
Ahi Tuna with Sticky Rice and Veggies from Bonefish Grill in Cincinnati
Pama Mitchell

If you're looking for a restaurant with pleasant ambience, a fun bar scene, and lots of healthy menu choices, Bonefish Grill -- with three metro Cincinnati locations -- fills the bill. All of them do boffo business, especially on weekends, so reservations are a must.

Ambience:  Tables are spaced not too close and not too far apart, so the dining room feels cozy without everyone having to overhear each others' conversations. The flattering, low lighting makes everyone look ten years younger

Bar scene: Attractive, savvy bartenders know how to mix all the basics, and are game to try something unusual if a patron asks. Happy hour drink and food specials get the evening off to a rousing start. Meanwhile, customers can eat at one of several convivial, group bar tables or in a large booth that lines the room. Or have a drink in the bar and move to the dining room when your table is ready.

Menu choices: This is the best part for healthy foodies. While rich, sinful dishes are available if you prefer, it's also easy to find tasty and healthful choices, especially among the grilled fish offerings. Diners select from a list of six or more fresh daily seafoods and add a sauce and one side. Pictured is ahi tuna with an Asian (soy-ginger) sauce, with sticky rice and mixed sauteed vegetables.