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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony drama, Part 3: Krayzie Bone says he was ousted from group

The drama with legendary rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony gets interesting and confusing as Krayzie Bone states that he was kicked out of the group via an e-mail sent to him by a lawyer via Layzie Bone. In response, he decided to make a video, stating he would no longer be with Bone.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Krayzie reveals this surprising disclosure in a two-part video (posted via YouTube April 20), which runs about 18 minutes.

This piece will basically provide a summary of what Krayzie says; commentary will also be presented when necessary.

According to Krayzie, Part 1 of the video

  • Early on in the video, Krayzie states several things that are being said are “rumors and lies.”
  • He receives an e-mail from Layzie via the group’s attorney that all the members received, stating that the group would be splitting up: Layzie and his brother Flesh would go their separate ways, while Krayzie and Wish go their separate ways.
  • Interestingly, while Layzie and Flesh would go their separate ways, they would add Bizzy back into the group contractually – and they would continue as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (with the exclusion of Krayzie and Wish).
  • Krayzie makes it clear that Wish Bone never said anything regarding the group, but his name has been added into the mix.
  • It is only after receiving a surprising e-mail of his termination that he decides to make a statement, stating he would not be a part of Bone any longer.
  • The e-mail shocks Krayzie because he says he spoke to Flesh via telephone two nights before and everything was cordial. He even invites Flesh to a video shoot for his The Life artist named Keef G, but Flesh could not make it because he was with his family.
  • Krayzie says that Layzie misunderstood something he was trying to convey. One can only speculate that perhaps Layzie was annoyed with the All Hip Hop interview, where Krayzie speaks candidly regarding Bizzy’s constant absence from the group and claims he changed after receiving his first paycheck. In that same interview, Krayzie states the group is not on the same page, etc.
  • Krayzie invites Flesh to a meeting to get things straighten out of whatever disagreement and/or misunderstanding, but it never happens.
  • He says that everything he has done has been for the benefits of the group and is not an arrogant soul who is chasing a solo dream.
  • Krayzie states: “If getting up, doing different ventures, business ventures, and stuff on my own … is offensive, then I guess, you know, that’s just what it is then … As my own person, I have the right to get up and do other stuff that I wanna do.”
  • He doesn’t understand how everybody is making him out to be the “bad guy” when he’s done nothing wrong.
  • Krayzie dismisses the notion that Wish follows and agrees with everything that he says or does. He doesn’t deny that he and Wish are business partners, for that is a fact. However, it does not mean that they are always in harmony when it comes to Bone issues and other issues as people allude to, because disagreements take place. He makes it clear that Wish has his own mind and thinks for himself. (He also hints that Wish may be addressing the situation.)
  • He addresses Flesh’s remarks that were made in a radio interview about him being a weak artist (“wack” as Flesh puts it), hating and being jealous of Bizzy.
  • Krayzie’s reaction was “Wow!” In continuation, he concentrates on the word hate: “The word hate is a real strong word. And I don’t think I’ve ever hated anybody in my life, ever – it’s not how I was raised. I don’t even hate people who’ve done bad stuff to me...That’s a very strong word. The only thing I hate is the devil. ”
  • In regard to the jealousy conversation, he is fed up with the constant claims that people are making of him being jealous of Bizzy, because he is not, according to him. He adds that he remains confident in everything that he does, but not in an arrogant manner.
  • He says he is not in the business of competing and says even when he’s doing features, he doesn’t even hear the artist’s verse. All he does is record his verse and that’s the end of it, allowing him to move on to the next song. Unsurprisingly, he’s comfortable with what he does musically, whether people like it or not.
  • In regard to his relationship with Bizzy, Krayzie states that after the interview, he has talked to Bizzy on a regular basis, which “opened up the channel of connection” between he and Bizzy, because there was no communication prior.
  • Moreover, Krayzie says he looks at Bizzy in a different light by the way he responded to what he said in the interview. He states that Bizzy could have been ignorant and responded to him viciously, but he did not.

During the end of the video, Krayzie states: “Just to let everybody know, there is no love lost between me and Bizzy; that is my brother.” Like I said, the only problem I had with him was business problems. It was never personal.”

According to Krayzie, Part 2 of the video

  • The conversation of Bizzy continues as Krayzie states that sometimes family members don’t mesh when it comes to business, but he never garnered any hatred toward Bizzy.
  • He says the Bizzy-Krayzie conversation is a lot of hype from fans, the media, and Flesh’s comments of being jealous of Bizzy, a claim that Bizzy rejects as stupidity when answering the question, Do you feel that Krayzie and Wish are jealous of you?: “That probably is perhaps the stupidest question that anybody could ever ask me. But … I’m not gonna answer a stupid question with a stupid answer and just really just say, man, hell nah! That’s just dumber than a bag of nickels. It’s just dumb, man; f**k nah. ”
  • His eyes open wide as he explains himself: “It is what it is, man. I chose to make a decision after I was basically handed my walking papers. Basically, that’s what it was…. I’m not trippin’… I’m gonna always make music.”
  • Because of the Flesh interview, some perhaps thought Krayzie would respond in a similar manner, but he refuses to do so and says he will not say anything negative about anybody because he respects his Bone brothers as men. Bizzy echoes the same response when he addressed the current drama with the group.
  • In regard to Flesh’s profanity-laced interview, Krayzie clearly seems bothered in the video; he pauses for a while to gather his thoughts and says, “not true… I’m just not that dude that’s the problem like it’s being made out to be.” Flesh’s radio interview was profoundly harsh, brutal, and personal, so his agitation should not come as a surprise.
  • Krayzie says there are several things that transpired throughout the years, business-wise and group-wise, that fans will never know or understand. Appropriately, he states: “It’s really none of your business … but if it comes out, it comes out … We’re not obligated to let anybody know our personal business…”
  • Again, he states that he said he very was shocked when he heard the interview from Flesh unleashing an attack on him when he was sent an e-mail “confirming with [his] brother” Layzie.
  • Many people believe that Krayzie made his decision to leave Bone in pursuit of a solo career that would foster major success. However, Krayzie understands the nature of the music industry and knows those days are over. Thus, he is not expecting to go out as a solo artist and suddenly become a major attraction by selling millions. He’s adamant that he is not chasing that dream, because he’s been there and was successful in the past, with the group and with his debut album Thug Mentally 1999, which went platinum.
  • In regard to music, Krayzie states that he makes music because he loves it; it’s a stress-reliever, something that he knows how to do very well – and that is how he stays alive. Music, family, and God are his life. He corrects himself and says “it’s really God, family, and music.”
  • He gets somewhat angry at the rumor published by regarding an affair he had with Layzie’s wife Felicia.

Felicia became known in the mid 90s when she became an affiliate of Mo Thugs Records, run by Krayzie and Layzie. She is most recognized for the song “All Good” featuring Krayzie. With the roster of Mo Thugs changing constantly, Felicia has been a constant fixture throughout Bone’s career and is featured on several Bone songs.

In 2007, Layzie proposed to Felicia during a red-carpet appearance, where Bone premiered its debut film I Tried.

  • Krayzie states the rumor is “very, very unfair” and “disrespectful” to Layzie and Felicia’s family. He raises his left hand, mildly bothered but subdued and states: “For one, it is untrue; for two, all of this is deeper than you think (2x), so all of y’all out there like moving your lips loosely about what’s going on over here … you really need to stop and think ... this is family situation. No matter what we go through, you know what I’m saying; I never said them dudes weren’t still my brothers. I never said that…”

This is the kind of rumor that not only breaks up a family but a friendship. For a hip hop site to publish and release such rumor – received from a no-name/former affiliate who has attacked Bone in the past – is not only malicious and surprising, but dangerous. It seems like every time there is an issue with Bone, an affiliate, old or current, comes out and says something to get his name into the mix. It’s embarrassing and each member should separate himself from any leeches in his camp, for it is problematic to Bone as a whole.

In the closing of this video, Krayzie takes the time to apologize to Felicia and her family regarding the rumor, wishes everybody the best of luck, and says he is cool with everybody.

He says he wasn’t ready to leave Bone, but since the decision was made for him via an e-mail, it may be a sign to start embarking on his own ventures and that's what he plans to do.

With the ongoing drama and various stories being released, it would be beneficial for the members to keep everything private and refrain from conducting interviews until everything settles down.

To hear it from Krayzie Bone’s mouth and how he puts it, listen to the audio/video below:
Part 1 and Part 2

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