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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony drama, Part 2: Bizzy's response to Krayzie's departure

In a brief two-part video (posted April 20 via YouTube), Bizzy Bone addresses the drama regarding Krayzie Bone’s “decision to leave” Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Bizzy Bone

In part 1, Bizzy starts off playfully but quickly gets serious. While getting his hair braided, he shows support to Krayzie’s journey that he is undertaking and whatever he decides to pursue. He also states that it should not be taken as a separation because Bone is Bone – and if one loves one member, then he/she should love and support them all.

In part 2, Bizzy goes in depth and answers five questions that many fans want to know.

1. Are you back in Bone?

Legally, Bizzy states that he’s a solo artist; however, he’ll always be there to support whatever his Bone brothers are doing. In other words, he’ll always be a part of Bone as a group, but he is not tied down contractually.

2. Some fans think that you are now part of the group, because Krayzie is not. Is that true?

Again, Bizzy explains his situation as a solo artist and being apart from the group for many years. However, in no way does Krayzie’s departure influence his decision to work with Bone. In his words, he states: “I mean I’ve been gone for like 15 … 13, 14 years now, you now as for as doing my own thing, so I’ma always do my own thing. But like I said, if the fellows need me, I’m there. But it’s not because Krayzie is gone or whatever that is…..”

3. Are you and Krayzie still friends?

For many years and since the beginning, many fans have pinned Bizzy and Krayzie in a competition atmosphere, because they were and are still the most popular members in the group. As a result, many fans have theorized that the problems with the group, past and present, are caused by the hatred Krayzie and Bizzy have toward one other, fostering competition to outdo the other in songs, etc. However, both have always denied such baseless claims and blame the media and Internet for the Bizzy-versus- Krayzie arguments. In regard to friendship, Bizzy makes it clear: “Yeah, that’s still my dude, all them n***z still my dudes.”

4. Are you putting out an album called Majority Rules?

Bizzy states he has no idea of such album and was probably mentioned due to Krayzie’s announcement of going solo. This mysterious album was first mentioned during Flesh’s radio interview, where he released a verbal onslaught on Krayzie on many levels. Bizzy explains: “I think that was kinda like… I don’t know what the fellows [siblings Flesh and Layzie] motives was behind putting that out, but I think that was something … they wanted to say in return of what was being said from Krayzie…”

5. Do you feel that Krayzie and Wish are jealous of you?

Bizzy seems agitated by the question and refuses to answer, rendering it stupid. As he puts it: “That probably is perhaps the stupidest question that anybody could ever ask me. But … I’m not gonna answer a stupid question with a stupid answer and just really just say, man, hell nah! That’s just dumber than a bag of nickels. It’s just dumb, man; f**k nah. ”

This question stems from the claim by Flesh during his uproarious/explicit interview that both Krayzie and Wish are jealous of Bizzy: “… Krayzie and Wish hate Bizzy Bone so much … they so gotdamn jealous of Bizzy, man!”

In the latter of Bizzy’s response, he makes it very clear that he will never make disparaging remarks regarding Krayzie or another member of the group, and will not be involved in any sort of bashing because of what other members say. Moreover, Bizzy states he supports and wishes Krayzie the best.

During the end of the video, Bizzy somewhat becomes emotional when speaking about his absence from the group in the past and being considered “the enemy.”

Disregarding part 1 of Bizzy’s statement due to its contradictions of wishing to take the same route in the past, part 2 is genuine and renders straightforward answers. Unlike Flesh’s response and Layzie’s Facebook postings to Krayzie’s departure, Bizzy’s response is subdued, surprisingly professional, non-combative, and puts him in a respectable light.

Despite Bizzy’s mistakes, strangeness, and constant absence during Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s career, he has never attacked or lambasted any member personally in the public eye.

The video can be seen/heard below or to the left of the page.
Part 1 and Part 2 of Bizzy Bone's reaction to the current drama within the group.

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