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Bonded stray dogs, search is on for owner or rescue agency

Bonded friends
Bonded friends
CACC Facebook page

As of July 13, a bonded pair of dogs, picked up as strays in Humboldt Park, will become the property of the city of Chicago, Ill.

Today, the dogs, dubbed "Abbott and Costello," are housed at the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility where they are listed as "rescue only." The bonded friends were even listed on Reddit on Wednesday with photos and the comment stating:

Are you the owner of these dogs found running around Humboldt Park? They're at Animal Control.

Someone who left a comment on the CACC Transfer Team Facebook page wrote:

Myself and a neighbor brought them in. I don't think they were seniors the larger labmix is older not sure if he is a senior though. They seemed to be trained and understood commands and were sweet and lovable. I would have taken them home but my dog doesn't do well with others. They would be so great for a family!

Unfortunately for the stray friends, though they likely have an owner, they will soon be in danger, like every other dog who is listed as "city property." The CACC Transfer Team posted an urgent warning on Wednesday:

Adoption floor added tons of new dogs and is full. This is not an understatement. Any dog that is city property needs to leave CACC and free up space. Rescues if you have a hold you need to come get that dog. Any dog that is city property and has been waiting for more then 3 days is probably not going to be around tomorrow. There is no space. Dogs off stray hold need to leave. Rescues approved to pull from Chicago ACC PLEASE come down and pull it's an emergency.

Please take a moment to network Abbott and Costello's information - they either need to find their true owner, or a rescue agency who is willing and able to take them in.

  • Bonded Pair
  • CAGE c197
  • Costello_A112444
  • neutered age listed.
  • Abbott_ A112445
  • neutered poodle min...came in as stray
  • Facebook thread here
  • If you’re a rescue group that wants to apply to pull from Chicago ACC, please fill out a Homeward Bound Application below and fax to 312-747-1409 along with your IL Dept. of Agriculture License and 501c3.
  • Please direct all inquiries about these dogs to the facility where they are being held

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