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Bonded senior dogs devastated by owner's death still waiting for a miracle

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Since they were just puppies, sisters Kada and Peace lived with their favorite human in the New York area. Life was perfect for the bonded pair of ridgeback mixed breeds although some say they look like terriers, and everyday their lives were filled with fun, affection, and love.

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Then the terrible day occurred when their elderly and beloved human companion died. Not one of the relatives stepped up to care for Kada and Peace; the dogs were simply abandoned, and at 11-years-old, 90 pounds each, and closely bonded to each other, certainly were not on the top of a family's dog adoption wish list.

The dogs were taken in at Pomona's Hi Tor Animal Care, and several months later were transferred to The Canine Sanctuary in Veils Gate, N.Y.

One year later, and thousands of "shares," no one has come forward to adopt the sisters. Their caretakers say the "girls" do not get along with other dogs, nor have the dogs ever had any experience with young children. (although they have never shown any aggression to anyone)

Yet at 12-years-old, Kada and Peace jump and play ecstatically when a volunteer comes to see them on weekends. The girls love to cuddle, love to sniff around, and gently take those delicious treats.

Now if they could only find someone who could give them a home.

A volunteer writes:

"When I walked up to them in their runs, they both started wagging their tails and crying. They do not ever forget. That always makes me teary eyed. I of course apologized for not being there in a few weeks as though they understand. I took Kada out first, and she jumped right into my lap while I was trying to hook her leash on. She was crying and licking my whole face, her tail was going 100 mph with excitement. Once I got her outside and snuck(sic) in a few hugs, I went to get Peace. She jumped so high on me she almost knocked me down. She was on her hind legs with her front ones on my shoulders. Then it was like a switch flipped, and she remembered, "Oh, she keeps the treats in her sweatshirt..." So she jumped down, checked my sweatshirt, and sat waiting patiently for her treat. Once we were all outside they basically fight for the attention, and once they realize I can pet them both and give them both kisses they settle down nicely."

Where else can humans find love like this?

A Facebook page has been set up for the dogs. Please click here for more information and to follow their progress.

For information on how to foster or adopt these two deserving dogs, call (845)-534-8414.

If you would like to help with their care and donate to the no-kill Canine Sanctuary, please click here.

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