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Bond with your kids and get exercise at the same time

(AP Photo/New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism,Dave Martsolf)

Will your kids be trick-or-treating this Halloween?  For many of you with young kids the answer is yes, and this also means that you have to tag along.  It can either be a chore or you can make it health-beneficial for everyone.

Some parents want to give their kids freedom and drive alongside as they go from house-to-house picking up candy. 

Want to keep a better eye on them and also get in some exercise?  Leave the car at home and take a walk with your kids. 

Feeling daring?  Put on a costume! 

Want to know how far you are actually walking?  Bring your pedometer.  A heart rate monitor couldn’t hurt either. 

 Any change to a workout routine helps you to stay motivated.  Trick-or-treating with your children is a nice way to spend some time with them that’s not in front of a television. It adds some fun to a casual workout and you might be surprised at how far you walk.

Map out your route with your kids beforehand and stick to it, avoiding any short cuts down dark alleys or parking lots.  It’s mostly for safety reasons, but also it forces you to walk more.  Every stride counts when you are trying to stay healthy.