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Bond reduced for alleged dog killer

Will there be justice for Justice?
Will there be justice for Justice?

Elvin Dooley, the Lake County man charged with shooting and killing a dog near Save-A-Pet, a no-kill animal shelter in Grayslake, appeared in court Thursday where his bond was reduced to $250,000.

Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Mermel told the Daily Herald he believed the bond should be increased for “someone so out of control as to be firing a weapon in a semi-residential area.” Mermel did not cite the amount he was seeking.

Dooley faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of the weapons charge, and up to three years on the cruelty to animals charge.

Dooley has at least one felony conviction from 1974 for a burglary in Alabama, but talk of a second burglary conviction from 1996 in West Virginia has not been confirmed.

Assistant Public Defender Sharmilla Manek asked the judge to release Dooley on a signature bond. Manek told the court that Dooley is a longtime resident of the area and insisted he does not pose a danger, especially since the police have taken all of his weapons.

Associate Judge Christopher Stride set the bond at $250,000 and ordered Dooley to return to court on February 25th.


  • Sarah 5 years ago

    This is a note from another website. This poor dog was left outside the shelter at night, with two bowls and a bag of food. I wish we could make sure the family that dumped him knows what happened to him.

    NOTE to whoever dumped this poor boy at the shelter, Save-A-Pet, in Grayslake, IL: He was loyal and full of love for you. He waited for you to come back to pick him up. All day long people tried to catch him and he would run off (across an extremely busy road) and would keep coming back to the shelter waiting for you. If a car pulled up, he would go to it, looking for you. He would then run off when he saw it wasn't you. He waited and then he went looking for you. While looking for you, he was shot and killed.

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