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Bonanzle Ready and Willing For Cyber Monday

coupon_code_list.jpg Implements Published Coupons


Bonanzle marketplace has been implementing new features fast and furiously this holiday season. The latest in time for the Cyber Monday online shopping tradition.

 Implementing a published coupon feature for sellers. The seller creates their coupon code and discount, and decides if they wish to publish it. If they do so, their coupon code and comment is then included in the list which is linked to on the home page of the site.

 Just in time for Cyber Monday, a day when most online retailers are offering deep discounts on purchases.


  • Renagade 5 years ago

    I encourage everyone to thik out of the main stream and give this site a look at. Many of the sellers are experenced folks with eBay, Amazon and other places also, but can sell cheaper on Bonanzle due to lower selling costs.
    Come wheel and deal!

  • Memaws16 5 years ago

    Great article and some really good sales going on at this site! If you haven't visited Bonanzle, today is the day to do it!