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Bonanzle integrates with Social Media


Bonanzle Integrates with Facebook and Twitter

 Keying in on the popularity of social media, Bill Harding integrates Bonanzle with a twitter and Facebook posting tool.

The twitter update can be found at the bottom of any item description page. Once clicked it asks the user, "What makes this item so great?" The users response is posted with a link to the item. Bonanzle's on Twitter.

 Any registered user, while browsing the site, can log in to Facebook via the Bonanzle page, and post any page they are viewing to their Facebook updates. The post will include the page url, and the user can add their own comment..

 Both items are on a use as you wish not mandatory basis, and the most recent posts will show up on Bonanzle's People page.

 The following video shows step by step how the Facebook integration works.


You can find and follow Phaedra on twitter Here. Be sure to subscribe to Phaedra's Examiner page to keep up with all things Bonanzle.


  • Renagade 5 years ago

    Twitter and Facebbok intergration into Bonanzle is an easy way to alert people to your hottest items in your booth. But it is also a powerful tool.
    It is so powerful, that it needs a warning label stating: "CAUTION, This is addicting and over use of this can be hazardous to your business!"

  • Memaws16 5 years ago

    Thanks for another great article on my favorite selling site! Love Bonanzle!

  • Jessica Ojeda 5 years ago

    lol. @Renagade, this is soooo true. Very powerful tools that should be used wisely.

  • MoviesMediaMore 5 years ago

    Bonanzle ownership continues to show the online selling world that it will not stop thinking of innovative, creative ways, that will help the site on its continued path to greatness.

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