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Bonanzle gives sellers a new look for the new year


Bonanzle Celebrates the New Year with a new look

Bonanzle has given a major overhaul to the look of the seller's booth page. When entering a seller's booth (or store), many things that were previously hidden are now right out there.

The booth chat feature, which is the first of it's kind has undergone many changes. There are now commands available to the visitor such as summoning the seller to chat in order to discuss an item or possible purchase.

The pop up window states to the viewer that the summoning should be done only when in direct relation to a possible purchase and time sensitive. Once summoned, Bonanzle sends an internal email to the seller, which is also forwarded to the seller's email on record. The email includes the message the potential buyer included.
Also noted amongst new chat commands is the ability to: paste in item id's, include an action sentence, and send a private message that only the booth owner can read.

Also noted amongst the changes - a larger avatar for the seller, continuing along the focus Bonanzle has been loyal to, the seller themselves and the uniqueness of each individual.
The seller's shipping, return, and discount policies are now prominently linked to on the booth home page also.

Bill also states in his blog post on the changes that there is more to come, specifically:
   "Additional improvements we'd like to make in the near future: allow users to hear a sound when new message is sent (with easy disabling mechanism), ability to choose color for your user name, and ability for sellers to give buyers a cart discount on the fly. Stick around to see these features start to trickle in."

A cleaner look and feel, focus on the individual uniqueness of each seller, and easier navigating make this change a definitive positive stride for Bonanzle.

 View the slideshow to see screen shots of the new features.


  • yeshuazgirl 5 years ago

    LOVE all of the changes thus far! Bonanzle continues to make strides to make selling & buying a fresh experience and easy breezy with a crisp new look and continued focus on superior customer service for all of it's customers (Buyers & Sellers) who would want to be anywhere else?

    Kudos to another job well done!!

  • Buttonsandmore 5 years ago

    I love the new changes. Hats off to the boys another job well done

  • EuropeanGoodies 5 years ago

    Interesting improvements that make sense :-)

  • Kat Barton 5 years ago

    Wonderful article, and always positive! Love it. The new changes will take a bit of getting used to. They were quite surprising logging in this morning. My initial reaction was not quite as enthusiastic as now, However I believe in the long run, this is a change that can be used by both, the serious sellers, and the part time sellers. A great added benefit is the side bar with the booth policy and the shipping profiles available while your shopping instead of having to question or to click on to a sellers profile to view those. Much more streamlined. Thank you for the great article Phaedra!

  • AtticScraps 5 years ago

    I love the change! I enjoy looking at everyones avatars and now they are so much easier to see.

  • Henrietta 5 years ago

    I like the new sidebars, less clutter up top. It did make me blink when I logged in, had to check the address bar!

    Way cool, Ney Year, new look.

  • closing shop 5 years ago

    Its too bad the new changes have destroyed so many sellers booth, with the glitches. The really bad part, the "boyz" won't take responsibility for it and get it fixed. PSU shows the listing numbers have been dropping for the past three days. Some sellers are closing their booths, and leaving for a site they can count on.