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Bonanzle adds new member to support team

Elizabeth Van Pelt, newest member of Bonanzle support team.
Elizabeth Van Pelt, newest member of Bonanzle support team.
courtesy of Elizabeth Van Pelt

 The Bonanzle marketplace recently added a new member to their support team. Keeping to their tradition of hiring from members of the site, the team welcomes Elizabeth Van Pelt of ANightOwl on Bonanzle.

  Recently caught up with Elizabeth via email, the interview follows:

Elizabeth, can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I live in San Diego with my husband and daughter. We also have a married son and a two year old grandson. I was introduced to my first computer in 1980, and I immediately thought it was the greatest thing ever. Not long after my first taste I got a job working in customer service for a software company. Layoffs were a fact of life in Silicon Valley in the 80's so that job only lasted a couple of years, and I moved on to jobs that matched my education in graphic arts. I didn't leave computers behind though, I puttered away at home on a personal computer, learning new applications I thought would look good on a resume. I learned a lot, but used very little of it in the workplace because once our son was born I decided I would rather stay home with him. I used my graphic arts and computer skills to benefit the service organizations I joined through the years, Master Gardeners, Soroptimists, and Girl Scouts among others. I created newsletters, brochures, programs, library catalogs or whatever was needed. About 10 years ago I started buying and selling items online and a few years ago decided it was time to kick my hobby business up a few notches and make a serious business out of it.

It must be so exciting to be the newest member of the Bonanzle team. What
led to you being offered and accepting this position?

It is pretty exciting! The job offer came out of the blue - Bill sent me an email offering me the job, and I think it took me all of 2 seconds before I made my decision. After many years of being very involved with Girl Scouts at the Troop, Service Unit and Council levels I had recently decided that it was time to make a change and do something new. I hadn't figured out yet what I was going to do with my newly freed up hours and so the job offer came at the perfect time.

What are your duties with Bonanzle now?
Some tasks are just like what I was doing in the Bonanzle forums, answering questions that come into support, or ones that are posted in the comments area of the Help pages. Another fun thing is after having submitted hundreds of traits to Bonanzle, I now find myself on the review and approval end of that process. I'm monitoring and enforcing payments, and various other tasks. There is something new in the works and that will shortly be added to the list of my duties. I'm sure as time goes on more and more will be added, but for now this more than fills out my schedule.

Where do you foresee this position taking you in the future?

There are so many tasks in Support that I had no idea even existed. The ramp up process to learn new things is pretty steep, and as there are no "help" pages in support short term is just learning all the ropes. Long term, wow, the sky's the limit I guess. I think it would a blast to be one of the employees introducing Bill to a massive room of loudly clapping Bonanzlers when Bonanzle gets big enough that our annual get-together has to be held at the Seattle Convention Center.

How long have you been a seller on Bonanzle and what level of success have
you seen?

I opened my first booth on Bonanzle October 14, 2008, when there were less than 5,000 registered users. I loved the place right away and while my sales volume was fairly small back then, I knew if I stuck it out I could get my volume back up to where it had been before at my previous venue. That has come to pass, so I'm a happy camper.

What would be your number 1 tip to anyone considering using Bonanzle to sell
their wares?

Write your listing description as if your listing has no photographs, and take your photos as if there won't be a description. Pay attention to your titles and descriptions, and get as many applicable descriptive words as possible in them. There are lots of hints and tips out there on how to do things, but unless you get the titles and descriptions full of key words, nothing else is going to matter. Search is everything and words drive search.

Any inside scoop to share? :)
LOL All my Bonanzle friends keep asking me that! The truth is I think Bill likes to surprise us in support as much as the rest of the users. We don't get sneak peeks. I do know there is something big coming soon, but anyone who has been with Bonanzle any length of time knows that he always has something new up his sleeves. :-)


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