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Bon Qui Qui is working at KFC



By Debbie Carrick

Apparently special orders are not allow in our society any longer.  In Tullahoma, TN a ninety-two year man of Shelbyville, TN was banned for life from the local KFC restaurant. Clyde Peeples entered the restaurant and ordered a cup of chicken livers which is usually one dollar at his hometown KFC. However, the Tullahoma menu does not have a cup of chicken livers for one dollar.  As the man was explaining what he would like which was one dollar’s worth of chicken livers, the cashier stated that she needed to ask the manager.  The cashier does not return to the register but, three police officers arrive at the KFC and approach the elderly man, leaning on a cane for support.  The police ask Peeples what is the problem and he answers that he does not have a problem.  The officers inform him that the manager has called them because he was harassing the cashier.  Peeples asks “is it considered harassment to order food in a restaurant because that is what I’m trying to do?”  The officers escort the elderly man to his car and inform him that he is permanently banned from the restaurant. KFC was contacted to explain their side of the story and declined to respond.
You just have to ask yourself, was Bon Qui Qui working that day? This order must have been too complicated and she needed to call SACURATY! SACURATY! If you do not know what I am talking about, please watch the video below.
You might also be asking, “What does this have to do with a full gospel page?” My answer to you is: first, we are called to love each other, not call the police because you are frustrated with someone, and second laughter is the best medicine—if we cannot laugh, we are missing the best part of life.



  • Karin 5 years ago

    Absolutely hilarious!!! Yes, we need to laugh at ourselves.