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Bon Jovi's newest CD for $3.99 through


On November 10, 2009, Bon Jovi released their newest CD entitled "The Circle" and now through Sunday, November 15, 2009, the album is available for download through as a special release week price for $3.99. The album features the song "We Weren't Born To Follow", along with 11 other songs.

The download is compatible with the MP3 (including iPods), iTunes, Windows Media Player. It is also available in CD format.

All 12 songs include-

  • We Weren't Born To Follow
  • When We Were Beautiful
  • Work For The Working Man
  • Superman Tonight
  • Bullet
  • Thorn In My Side
  • Live Before You Die
  • Brokenpromiseland
  • Love's The Only Rule
  • Fast Cars
  • Happy Now
  • Learn To Live

Just click here to download your copy of Bon Jovi' s newest album and save $8.00.

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