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Bon Jovi owes fans the truth about Richie Sambora fired or quit mess

Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi, 'When They Were Beautiful'
Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi, 'When They Were Beautiful'
Photo Courtesy / Getty Images

Bon Jovi fans across the globe aren’t the only peeps trying to read the tea leaves and figure out what the hell is going on between estranged guitarist Richie Sambora and elitist front man Jon Bon Jovi.

If you’re confused, just imagine how confused the Tall Dark Duke is.

The past week has been dazzlingly frustrating.

Sambora, who bailed from the New Jersey band’s Because We Can tour due to the proverbially vague ‘personal reasons’, has been reported as ‘fired’ by no less than the Hollywood Reporter, Fox News, Billboard, the New York Daily News, Rumor Fix, and Huffington Post.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, US Magazine and Perez Hilton have reported in recent days that it is Sambora who has pulled the plug on what once looked like rock n’ rolls most enduring bro-mance.

Throughout, ‘official confirmation’ has been starkly missing in action.

To date there has been no official statement posted on the web site or on; nor has Bon Jovi handler and defacto Manager Paul Korzilius come out with any words from on high Mount Jovi informing the very fans who have bought over 130 million records and paid countless millions in dollars on tour tickets and merchandise what exactly is going on.

Instead, Twitter has been aflutter with snarky remarks allegedly posted by Bon Jovi brother Matthew under two different screen names, defending his employer from ‘bad press’.

From @mattbonge on August 22: "Until they name the so called source of the information and it really is a person involved directly don't bother feeding into them."

Apparently unable to sleep that morning @mattbonge then posted 12 minutes later: " I welcome this so called source to go head to head with me on here. Bring it on mystery man.... or girl. Lol" It must be nice to be on the side of the team that things this is l.o.l.

Finally and apparently after a nappy, a cooler head prevailed for @mattbonge 8-hours later : "Only one person can say what truly happened. Everything out there is false. Sure the hell not money or egos as I have said many times over."

(The implication here is that Sambora’s absence is somehow related to him having fallen off the wagon despite none, zero, nothing, Nathan, nada being reported to that effect by any news outlet real or imagined.

The hidden meaning in these statements is designed to put the focus and the blame squarely on Sambora’s shoulders, and deny any fault or responsibility within the Bon Jovi Rock N’ Roll Mafia.

Are fans really being asked to not expect a band publicist or manager to grow a pair and come out and make an official statement that allows BOTH men to retain their dignity and keep all the good juju the band has worked so hard to attain over the decades intact?

Incredibly, the band management and organization feel they are above reproach; that nothing is their fault; and that they owe no one an explanation for continuing to tour without Sambora yet still expecting fans to fork over hard-earned cash to see Bon Jovi-Lite.

What’s next?

Brother Matt or someone in the Bon Jovi camp offerring to wrestle naked and dipped in oil any purveyor of negative gossip, rumor, and innuendo about the split right there in front of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s residence for World Domination?

This band may have been successful in the business for thirty years, but it’s not too late to tell them they need to man-up, and grow-up, and treat their fans and all concerned as though they are intelligent rather than deigning to look upon them as financial feeders of the Perpetual Tour Machine.

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