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Bombing Syria now is a bad idea

With the realization of the threat coming from the Islamic State American officials are talking about expanded air strikes not only in Iraq to help the Kurds and Iraqis but now in Syria as well.

And, who, we must ask does this help in Syria if we bomb ISIS there?

In reality bombing ISIS in Syria helps cover for Hezbollah, the Iranians and of course Bashar Assad. Of that group probably the best friend we have is Bashar Assad. That should clear up exactly why this is a bad idea. Helping terrorist groups, Iran, perhaps our number one nemesis on Earth and Bashar Assad, a dictator who runs his country contrary to everything Americans hold sacred and sacrosanct, helps no one but bad guys.

Bombing ISIS in Syria is a serious tactical mistake, at least right now.

Our strategy should be to push ISIS out of Iraq and contain them in Syria until which time the war in Syria is over and a clear victor emerges. Then we can revise our policy to suit American interests.

Who ever comes out the victor in that war will have to deal with someday anyway, so…

Let them stay in Syria and let that war continue. Every terrorist dead on either side over there is one that the United States, Israel or any of our western allies won’t have to risk the lives of our own soldiers in taking them out.

Syria is the perfect war on terror scenario for the United States. All bad actors in one place and they all are trying their best to kill each other.

We should root for both sides and sit on the sidelines and watch it.

There will be a time when we can make our move on ISIS and all the others in Syria, but that time is not now.