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Bomber killed Florida highway patrol trooper

Florida State Trooper dies due to home made bomb
Florida State Trooper dies due to home made bomb
Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

In 1992, a drug trafficker decided to make a microwave bomb as a way to plot the killing of a witness who could help identify his crimes, but took a Florida state trooper's life instead. The bomber was executed this evening, Feb. 26, by lethal injection.

Apparently the bomb was built in his home, and then he hired and paid another person to drop off the home made bomb to the witness that lived in another state. For the price of $200 Lester Watson, would drive out of state to deliver the deadly package, according to court documents. Watson never made it to the assigned victims address after he was pulled over by Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, Jimmy Fulford. Watson would later be taken in for lying about his identity, after a routine stop for apparently speeding.

It was reported Watson was taken into custody by another trooper, while Fulford stayed behind to search the vehicle. Upon finding the box that looked like a gift, he opened it to further investigate the contents, and an explosion took Fulford's life. Howell would later be convicted of murdering the state trooper.

The conviction steams from the fact that Howell had been contacted to verify that Watson had permission to drive a rental car that was in Howell's name, but he never gave warning about the bomb inside the car.

This evening the state prison followed its death row policy, and at 6:32 p.m., after more than 18 years on death row, Paul Augustus Howell died.

Howell's death sentence had continued hearings up until this month on Feb. 13, when a circuit judge confirmed the new drug being used for his lethal-injection would be legal. It was reported Howell's legal team raised questions that his medical state could make the lethal-injection cause cruel and unusual harm therefore violating his rights.

A Tallahassee group against the death penalty, which advocate for alternative methods to the death penalty will hold services at the capital building for the bomber who took the Florida highway state trooper's life, tomorrow at noon.

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