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Bombay Sapphire hosts 2014 Imagination Series TFF bash and more

 Art Director Chris Cornwell, actress Allyson Morgan, Maite Fernandez Perez, screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher, producer Kiara C. Jones, writer Anthony Khaseria attend The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series Global Film Premiere at House Of Imagination
Art Director Chris Cornwell, actress Allyson Morgan, Maite Fernandez Perez, screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher, producer Kiara C. Jones, writer Anthony Khaseria attend The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series Global Film Premiere at House Of Imagination
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On April 22, 2014, Bombay Sapphire in association with Tribeca Film Festival, premiered the five short films from the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series 2014. The evening featured a special screening the films by the five winners of the contest. The competition was to create a visual rendition of a script written by Academy Award winner Geoffrey Fletcher with only a page of dialogue and two nameless characters. This allowed the contestants to create settings and emotions with the simple dialogue and the submissions were wonderful.

One film in particular, "The Other Side of the Game" from Kiara Jones was about a couple in what appeared to be a life or death situation, trying to leave a seemingly dangerous room. The kicker at the end was the cry of the baby that caused the audience to roar with laughter, as the characters were only trying to escape the room without waking up the sleeping child. Jones was inspired by her work on a family drama and hopes to continue making films in this along this line.

Another film was a darker take, with two characters which were not meant to fall in love with each other, stuck in a never ending struggle. The piece named "Reflections" from Anthony Khaseria, offered an almost horror-like story with the characters discovering a mirror and seeing their future within it, and ultimately becoming trapped inside.

On the flipside, a very artistic approach was made by Maite Fernandez with "Graffiti Area," with a character spray painting a demonic figure which results in a pursuit throughout the city. He ultimately becomes one with all the colors of a beautifully rendered graffiti alley.

A humorous approach was taken by Allyson Morgan in "Need For Speed Dating," where the female character goes to a speed dating event with her male friend. Lastly, "Exit Log," submitted by Chris Cornwell was a sci-fi approach on the empty script. He created a spaceship floating in space that is accelerating towards its demise, and the conflict between two characters on whether to reset the clock and go back in time. The film ended with the characters successfully traveling back and surviving, however, showed that the cycle repeated itself indefinitely, resulting in the characters scrambling to find another solution.

The event area was partitioned into three sections, the first area had a 30s feel with smoke machines and dim lighting, while the second one was more club-like with loud music. The third space was beautifully decorated with greenery and flowers cascading from the ceiling. All drinks were provided by the sponsor, Bombay Sapphire.

We spoke with the series screenplay writer, Academy Award winner Geoffrey Fletcher on the red carpet. Read our exclusive interview below:

What made you decide to create a blank script?

Well, I think there is so much talent and imagination out there but very little opportunity. I think this is a great opportunity for people to get their work seen.

How did you get involved with the sponsors?

Bombay Sapphire approached me and I could tell right away that they were genuinely invested in creativity as am I. They’re genuinely invested in opportunity and as am I, and so we clicked from the start. We came from the same place of honoring the power of imagination.

Was the blank script your idea or theirs?

I taught it at Columbia University years ago and I was always excited about its possibilities. Coincidentally they came up with the same idea which was one of the reasons why we clicked so immediately. They’re such a wonderful company as far as my professional experiences go, they are among the very best.

What did you think about the five winning renditions?

I thought they were extraordinary.

Did you expect them to be so different?

After the first year, when I was really surprised the direction people took things, I thought there was a chance that we had a lot of varied and inspired interpretations, but this year, the script was different, and there was an element in the script that allowed the entrant to play with time. So I didn’t know what people would do. We were all so pleasantly surprised that people took these stories to such astounding places that it was hard to choose five.

What’s next for you?

We hope to do something new and try to continue innovating, we’ll hear more about that soon. I also am still working a lot as a screenwriter and a director, so I’m so fortunate to have creativity in my life and work for so many years to try to get to that place. And it’s all a journey not really a destination and the last few years, both my pressures and optimism have grown enormously. Well its due in large part to astounding collaborators, everyone from Bombay Sapphire, to Gravity Road, to HK Strategies, Tribeca Film Festival, these are extraordinary people. They are gold standard in so many ways.

Earlier in the day, Festival founders, Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal, experienced this year’s interactive Storyscapes exhibition at the immersive Bombay Sapphire House of Imagination. "The immersive, multimedia gallery-like Storyscapes experience ... will showcase these interactive, multi-platform works across genres that have been curated by the Tribeca team. This year’s Storyscapes projects encourage physical participation and spark imagination through virtual reality, live performance, 3-D, music and gestures. In this second iteration of Storyscapes, the projects range from the computer-generated experience in Clouds, to the interactive audiovisual installation in On a Human Scale – that reimagines the people of NYC as a fully playable video instrument controlled by the keyboard, to a live performance inspired by choose your own adventure books -- Choose Your Own Documentary – where the audience plays a critical role determining the path the documentary takes," Bombay Sapphire said in a release.

We also have some more amazing party sightings from the Tribeca Film Festival. Nearby on April 22, "Electric Slide" stars Jim Sturgess, Isabel Lucas, Tristan Patterson and Kirk D'Amico attended the film's after-party at BR Guest's Troy Liquor Bar while enjoying Pepsi. Also in the area, was the "Chef" after-party. Bobby Cannavale, Jon Favreau and Emjay Anthony were spotted at American Cut.

Also on April 22, Chanel hosted the Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner. The ninth annual dinner in celebration of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival Artists Program was held at Balthazar in New York City. Notable guests included Sophia Loren, Robert De Niro, Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich. Guests wore Chanel included Lily Aldridge, Joan Smalls, Hilary Rhoda, Crystal Renn, Greta Gerwig, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Hannah Bronfman, and festival co-founders Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff.

On April 21, Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Chenoweth, Sean Patrick Thomas, Annabel Scholey and Jeremy Whelehan attended the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival After Party for "Now – In The Wings On A World Stage," at The General. Also, that night Following the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of "Miss Meadows," stars of the ensemble cast and crew reunited to celebrate the showing at the VDKA 6100 sponsored event at No. 8. Guests in attendance included Katie Holmes, James Dolan, Robert Duvall, Zac Posen, Kate Linder and Karen Leigh Hopkins.

Following the screening of "Lucky Them," stars and crew joined in celebrating the showing and toasted specialty Bombay Sapphire cocktails at Sweetwater Social. Guests in attendance included Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church and Ryan Eggold. Last, but not least, on April 21, Nikki Reed, Kate McKinnon, Jay Pharoah, Beck Bennett, Nick Rutherford and Nick Kocher celebrated the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of "Intramural," at Neuehouse.

Coach also hosted a chic party on April 21. The brand kicked off their new relationship with the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival as the co-host of the festival's "Women's Filmmaker Brunch." Lake Bell, Heather Graham, Kim Cattrall, Lindsay Burdge, Gia Coppola, Rebecca Cammisa, Catherine Hardwicke, Dorothy Lyman, Andrea Meditch, Adepero Oduye, Marina Zenovich, Jessica Hecht, Bethann Hardison, and Paula Heredia joined Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal, for the annual brunch that honors female filmmakers, directors, producers, jurors and artists.

On Saturday, April 19, was the official cast dinner for Victor Levin’s "5 TO 7" with Olivia Thirlby, Anton Yelchin, and Berenice Marlohe. Director Levin along with cast members Anton Yelchin, Olivia Thirlby (wearing a silver and black Parker flapper dress and Vince Camuto shoes); and Berenice Marlohe (wearing an ornate Grecian Sass & Bide gown with Laboutins) enjoyed the STK menu, drank Dobel Ginger Gimlets, Black Diamond Margaritas and Dobel Sunrises along with a full range of Murviedro still and sparkling wines and Fiji Water.

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