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Bombay Cafe


Chana Masala

Bombay Cafe is nestled off Andrews Avenue and Oakland Park Boulevard. I wandered in one day while running an errand.  Good Indian restaurants are few and far between.  I recently reviewed one of my favorite Indian restaurants, Udipi Cafe, located in West Sunrise.  Unlike the vegan Udipi, Bombay Cafe has a full menu including meat for the caniverous types.  I have been on an Indian kick lately, and been looking at the different cuisines of India and the regional specialties of areas.  I have found that Indian food, has exciting flavors, scintillating spices, and a hearty punch.  My biggest problem is trying to get people to give it a whirl.  

Lunchtime is the right time at Bombay Cafe.  As you enter, you are greeted by Saman Singh Sajwan, the owner.  By the time you are seated, a sizzling plate of Tandoori Chicken has arrived, and a basket of piping hot naan.  Typical of Indian restaurants, there is always a pitcher of water present on the table.  The quandary is to eat the sizzling chicken and bread first, or go hit the buffet; decisions, decisions. 

The hot buffet is impressive.   You start with Vegetable Pakoras, a medley of vegetable fritters, and a hot spicy soup.  Move along the line and you see the main courses, Daal Makhani, Chana Masala, Mushroom Medley in a curry sauce, Curried Goat, Curry Chicken, and Chicken Tikka.  You also have Basmati Rice, salad, and the various Indian chutneys to try on the side. 

Save some room for desert.  They have Galub Jamun, which are little round donut-like balls in a sweet sauce and Kheer, which is similar to Rice Pudding.   All the dishes change daily and they do a nice job of presenting them and keeping the place immaculate.  A mere $8 will get you this lunch buffet which is simply outrageous. 

Bombay Cafe is open daily and located at 3060 N. Andrew Avenue in East Ft. Lauderdale.  Take a trip over and try a slice of Mumbai cuisine.  Their prices are reasonable and the food is excellent.  



  • paul 5 years ago

    actually the name of the person is Arun Kumar Sareen who is always there to make sure that all the guests are happy and enjoying the food . Mark the words, we love him and without him no fun or food.