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Bomb threat shuts down 2014 Los Angeles Trans Pride

A crowd of attendees evacuates the Trans Pride event
A crowd of attendees evacuates the Trans Pride event
Heather Barron

The two day Los Angeles Transgender Pride Festival, which this year was scheduled for June 13-14, is a time of coming together, building friendships and networks, learning, and simply enjoying the company of friends, allies and siblings in a space that is supposed to be safe.

In the closing minutes of the festival just as the screening of local director Kerri Cecil’s The Journey was to begin, a bomb threat forced the evacuation of the crowd in the Renberg Theater. An LAPD Spokesperson confirmed that six units were dispatched to The Village at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center Saturday night at 8:58 p.m., and that no bomb was found. The scene was declared safe “about two hours later.”

** Update: Monday, June 16 2014 @ 1:40PM PST **

Gil Diaz, Media Relations Manager for The Los Angeles LGBT Center (previously known as the LA Gay & Lesbian Center) confirmed this afternoon that a second bomb threat was received at approximately 2pm on Saturday, the second day of the festival. Police were able to determine that no actual threat existed and the decision was made to continue the festival.

It was also confirmed that the second threat specifically mentioned the Renberg theater by name, and this specificity played a part in the decision to evacuate the theater. Police are investigating the matter.