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Bomb the Music Industry!

Jeff Rosenstock, Rick Johnson and Matt Kurz, in order
Jeff Rosenstock, Rick Johnson and Matt Kurz, in order

No this isn't a call to arms to take down those corporate fat cats selling us recycled music. Its just  New York's premier ska band, Bomb the Music Industry! And luckily for Gainesville, they will be playing the The Fest 8.

Bomb the Music Industry! is a band that has the appearance of a "rough around the edges" punk act. They drink while they play, they get the crowd into a frenzy and even allow fans on stage to help perform. What sets them apart is their stalwart position on providing free music and refusal to sign to a record label. They are very self aware of the hypocrisy their stance on music entails and constantly satirize themselves as if they don't truly believe in what they say. 

The truth is that they do. You can download all of their albums on their Myspace for free. Their shows are always $10 or less and open to all ages. They make this a requirement before playing a venue, something not often seen from a band struggling on the open road completely reliant on merchandise sales and donations.

You can check them out in Gainesville at The Kickstand during The Fest 8. The show will be at 9:40, $10, open to all ages and guaranteed to be a blast.

The band was once described as "ska for smart people." Jeff Rosenstock, their frontman and producer, cleverly responded, " could call us ska music for smart people or indie rock for dumbasses at the same time. That's nice that somebody thinks we're smart."

How could you not like these guys?