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Bollywood West

After taking East Indian dance in college to compliment my ballet classes, I developed a fascination with Indian culture and dance. The costumes, music and choreography are just stunning.

Bollywood dance, stemming from the Bollywood genre of film in India, is (in my dancer's brain) like hip hop infused East Indian Dance. The moves are funky, sexy, and not as mind blowingly complicated as classical East Indian dance classes I've taken.

Renu Kansal, founder of Bollywood West has made Bollywood dance accessible to people of all ages and genders - my classes are always full of an assortment of individuals, making for a warm, inviting, relaxed atmosphere.

Kansal goes above and beyond to not only choreograph authentic Bollywood dance, but to also translate the words of the songs online, so that students can better understand the meaning of the dance they are participating in. Additionally, she provides some background on the dance (generally they are from an Indian film), as well as the music the dance is set to so students can practice at home.

Bollywood West has 2 locations - one in Denver and on in Boulder - and students can interchange which studios they attend for their convenience. The beginning of each month marks the start of a new dance - students meet once a week for an hour and learn a new section of the same dance, piecing it all together a bit at a time.

I'm on my second month at Bollywood West - it's highly energetic, fun, and reasonable - a 4 class pack is $50 (plus a one time $15 registration fee). I would highly recommend this form of dance and studio to anyone interested - it really is a one of a kind experience.


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