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Bollywood dance instructor Hemalayaa comes to Ft. Lauderdale Dec. 18

Dancing strengthens the spirit as well as the body.
Dancing strengthens the spirit as well as the body.
Rainer Topf

Need a refreshing break from the hubbub of the holidays? On December 18, renowned yoga and dance instructor Hemalayaa Behl will be appearing at Temple Arts Fitness fitness/wellness studio in Davie for a one-night Bollywood dance workshop dubbed “Bollywood Nights.”

Bollywood” dancing is a very popular modern Indian dance style that is based upon the large, music-centric Hindi film industry in India. The style is influenced by classic Indian dances and folk dances, as well as modern Western pop dancing.

Bollywood dancing is uplifting to the spirit as well as the body. It is fast-paced and marked by playful, energetic, and graceful movements. A hallmark of the dance is a cheerful smile. This smile is probably genuine; studies have shown that physical activity like dancing increases the amount of pleasure-causing neurotransmitters in the brain called endorphins. These create a sense of well-being.

In addition, brisk dancing is an aerobic exercise that works the heart and lungs as well as the muscles. The benefits of aerobic exercise are numerous. According to the Mayo Clinic, aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, boosts the immune system, assists in weight loss, helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, and helps manage those diseases if you already have them.

Workshop participants will enjoy a night of fun, supportive coaching and ecstatic dancing. It is open to virtually all ages and skill levels.

"Bollywood is a very popular Indian dance form that is starting to have its American debut on such shows as 'So You Think You Can Dance' and movies like 'Slum Dog Millionaire.' Because of this, the dance style is becoming rapidly popular and sought after," said Amanda Clemens-Bernabe, president of Temple Arts. "Temple Arts looks forward to bringing [Bollywood dance] classes back in the fall with dance instructor Jaya Vaswani and is happy to kick off the classes with Hemalayaa's event!"

The workshop's instructor, Hemalayaa Behl, has made several guest appearances on television, including the 'Today Show' and the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show.' She was born to Indian parents and began yoga training at an early age. She now teaches yoga and dancing in the United States and Canada.

“Bollywood Nights” will be held at the Temple Arts studio on South University Drive in Davie on December 18 at 7 pm. For more information, visit the event website or call (954) 680-1815.