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Bollywood comes to Baltimore

I grew up watching a mix of Western films and the birth of Bollywood movies, with stars like Mala Sina. She was beautiful, and all her male costars were dying to possess her sexually, but none did; at least on film.

Representing the new Bollywood, showing more skin, Mallika Sherwat

In the midst of everything a song would break out, the lovers would come close, but no kissing, no sex scenes, the women remained seductively covered, barely a midriff to be seen. It was hard for me to reconcile the avarice for these films by the East Indian community, and the so called public display of their religious beliefs, either Hindu or Muslim, the women all covered up, men engaging in arranged marriages, without "looking over the merchandise".

I have not seen a Bollywood movie in decades, until recently, when Creative Alliance introduced these films to Baltimore, with the help of Gina Caruso.(See video). The film was BHAAG MILHA BHAAGG (Run Mikha Run). It dealt with his youth, his military career, the Indian female he wanted to marry, and his torrid love affair with an Australian white woman. He did not kiss or make love to his fellow Indian woman, but he broke all the rules in Australia. Straight out of an American soft porn flick.

It was funny, lots of singing as in the old films, and to cover the various areas, (a Bollywood film is three hours long), there had to be an intermission.

Of course you know, Bollywood is more or less an amalgamation of Bombay (India) and Hollywood (USA), and the second showing is coming in August at the Alliance, entitled "Lootera"; you may not want to miss it.

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