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Boldly Claiming Your Divine Inheritance

“It is written, when I ask, I should believe and receive. As I make this confession and go into prayer, I will receive dominion and power, according to the word of God, because I know God will prove Himself strong on my behalf, for my heart is stayed on Him.” ~D. K. Olukoya

“The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant.” (Psalm 25:14)

Reinhard Bonnke shares in his book Living a Life of Fire, available at Cleveland's Loganberry Books, that when he went to seminary in Europe there were very specific guidelines the faculty taught in regards to prayer. Today Bonnke leads massive crusades in Africa that draw over 1.5 million people. There is simply nothing to compare this to in most countries.

While in seminary the students were taught to ask God to answer their prayers, and if someone asked what they were praying for, they couldn’t say. This way they knew that when an answer to the prayer happened, it was God and not man that was moving.

For instance, it was common for students to pray about financial concerns. They would ask God for a specific amount. When someone asked what the amount was they would tell them, “If God is going to use you to answer this prayer, you will know the amount, I can’t tell you.” Bonnke testifies that time and again their prayers were answered very specifically.

George Mueller (1805-1898) helped tens of thousands of orphans as he opened up a number of orphanages in England. He shared and wrote about hundreds and thousands of prayers that were answered in a similar manner.

When the orphanage needed food, they would pray, they wouldn’t ask people. When they needed funds, they would pray, they again would not ask people. Time and time again someone would drop off food or money and say they were led to do so at just the right moment.

This is not a steadfast rule of prayer, but Mueller and Bonnke both have shared their stories of keeping their prayer requests private, and trusting that God would move someone to supply the need at the right time without having to be asked.

Bobby Connor shares a number of incredible stories that he swears are true miracles. One in particular has caught the attention of a number of people who have since claimed similar results.

One day Bobby lost a knife on a trip he was on. It held tremendous sentimental value to him. After searching for the knife and having staff and friends look through the hotel as well, the knife was nowhere to be found.

According to Connor, back home several states away and weeks later, he loudly demanded, “Hey, I want my knife back!” By his own testimony his knife appeared before him.

Stories like this may stretch the boundaries of credibility for some and not for others, yet they are claims that numerous people have made. Does God answer prayer? Most would say he does. Perhaps more to the point, does God answer radical prayer? To that we must each find an answer as we boldly come to the throne.

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