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Boldin says there is no rift between Harbaugh and 49ers players

Anquan Boldin
Anquan Boldin
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The 49ers reached an agreement with Anquan Boldin on a two-year, $12 million contract on Monday afternoon. Boldin told the media in a conference call that he could physically play another five years if needed.

There has been recent speculation on troubles in the 49ers locker room between the head coach Jim Harbaugh and the players. Boldin had plenty of positive things to say about his head coach.

"I like [Jim Harbaugh's] demeanor [as we meshed] pretty good," Boldin said in a conference call. "He was good to me the entire year, the entire organization was. I was accepted right away."

Boldin said he doesn't pay close attention to the news as he focuses primarily on his family and foundation during the offseason. He refuted any possible claims of issues with the players and Harbaugh himself.

"People grab [whatever they can] with no football right now," Boldin said. "I kind of laughed at [the reports when I first heard it]. I don’t think there’s any rift [and] I heard of no griping in the locker room. Everybody wants to win, like Harbaugh."

The entire locker room of the 49ers is usually on the same page and everyone is accountable for each other, according to Boldin. He said players can give their feedback to the head coach if needed.

Boldin said he hopes to build more chemistry with Colin Kaepernick with one full season already being a receiver for him. He brought up how he barely was able to work with Michael Crabtree on the field as he missed majority of the 2013 season.

"[I hope we can] spend more time together," Boldin said of Kaepernick. "The more time we spend, the more we know [our] strengths and weaknesses. I just want to be able to compete for championships. I think in [San Francisco] and I have the best opportunity to do that."

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