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Bold bright spring fever


Photography by Michele Lahey Model: Alison A Makeup by: Katrina Currie Smoky Eye with  Added Red

Bold bright colors, smoky eyes, and red lips are the trends for spring.

Bold bright spring hues have forge their way into our  cosmetic bags. Much anticipated palettes and single shadows bear witness that bold and bright colors have followed the previews of Fashion Week. Colors ranging from bright flamingo pinks, pineapple yellows, kelly and kiwi greens, and shockingly dazzling electric blues and other assorted bright pigments that are eye catching, in nature, have rage ashore from the fashion and cosmetics industry lead from fashion houses of Milan, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and everything around and between - from shore to shore.

Although bright colors seem dominant, don't go filling your cosmetic bags with just bright hues only.  You will find that the reign of the smoky eye has not been dethroned. The blacks, grays, and whites are classic smoky eye colors yet the smoky eye has evolved to neutrals and even carries a nontraditional theme of an explosions of colors that have brought a new wind that has transformed our minds as to how we view the smoky eye. Trends of purple, lilacs, sea glass blues and greens, vibrant reds have certainly elevated the traditional smoky eye look that takes on new dimensions.

Model: Ashley M Makeup: Katrina Currie  

Need assistance with your smoky eye colors, check out  the links and products provided below. Make sure you check out the reviews posted on sites to help make an informed decision.

Cover Girl's Eyeshadow Blast  and Maybelline's Smokey Eye Shadow Quads 


If you love Mehron, Graftobian, Ben Nye M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, Too Faced Cosmetics Makeup Forever, Channel, and some of the higher end cosmetics, you know they have met the demand.                                                                                                      


Unsure of the smoky eye application, many of the cosmetic companies help to take the guess work out of the smoky eye application. Maybelline places engraved number on their shadows so you can have a step-by-step guide. Some products have a visual guide on the back of the product are enclosed or have a glued label guide.


Photographer: Joshua Dahl Model: Emily S. Makeup Artist: Katrina Currie

Red lips...done right

Red lips are certainly engrained in the fabric of the cosmetic and fashion industry. Even when we see the historical and classic old Hollywood movies they are sealed with the signature red lips on the shining silver screen. This classic look has made a come back so grand that its impact on new generations has spun them to take notice and  has received the demanded respect that it deserves. Red lips are always red carpet ready. Yielding great reviews  and compliments are always welcomed yet with red lips it is essential that they are done right.   Red lips have to be done with proper care and precision.  


View the intense colors that are in many of the eyeshadow palettes being used for the bold bright vivid spring trends:


For more information and additional sources:



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