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Boko Haram uses young girl as suicide bomber in Nigeria attack

A 10-year-old female suicide bomber detonated a explosive-laden vest and blew herself up on a college campus in the city of Kano on Wednesday. At least six people died and another six were seriously wounded in the blast, according to police.

Last know photograph of a 10-year-old suicide bomber in Nigeria.
Getty Images/IRN

This latest attack by suspected members of the radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram is the fourth one perpetrated by a young child in Kano in the last five days. Last week , another 10-year-old female wearing a bomb-vest was apprehended and the attack was thwarted by local police in Katsina, Nigeria.

Nigerian security forces have arrested three members of Boko Haram as well as the 10-year-old girl, said Mike Omeri, a spokesman for the Nigerian security forces Terrorist attacks killed about 40 Nigerians so far this week.

The female bomber in the college had targeted students who were looking at a notice board for national youth service in Kano Polytechnic College.

Many police officials believe the young girls being used by Boko Haram terrorists as suicide bombers are some of those whom the Islamists kidnapped from an all-girls school and who are still being held captive somewhere in Nigeria, according to news stories.

Boko Haram is known to frequently bomb Kano and the group's jihadist agenda is the creation of a strict Islamic state under Shariah law within northern Nigeria. According to former U.S. intelligence officer and police anti-terrorism task force, Gerry Knowles-Foster, the Islamist group has been perpetrating numerous strikes in major cities across the north and center of the struggling and allegedly corrupt country.

"I'm surprised that so little attention is paid to the plight of the Nigerians since it is the most populous nation and Africa and that continent's top oil producer," said Knowles-Foster..

Using young female suicide bombers is said to be the latest tactic of Boko Haram, but they have used children in other types of terrorist operations.

In another incident on July 28, two young female suicide bombers acting separately attacked an economic trade show and a nearby gasoline station in Kano. One person was left dead and six others wounded.

On July 27, another young female suicide bomber killed herself she attempted to target police officers on patrol. No officers were hurt in the thwarted attack. According to an Examiner news story, Boko Haram also entered Cameroon, and murdered three people there and kidnapped the wife of the vice prime minister.

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