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Boko Haram Massacres Villagers

Boko Haram Massacres Villagers
Boko Haram Massacres Villagers
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The villages of Danjura, Agapalwa, and Antagara located in the northeastern corner of Nigeria were slaughtered. The attackers were dressed in military fatigues and drove military vehicles. They asked everyone to come to the village center and they were going to be talked to about the problems of the area. When all of the village were settled in to listen to the soldiers the guns came out and fired and fired until all were dead. They were not soldiers but Boko Haram militants.

This new wave of violence could have been prevented if the Nigerian government had only listened to the village elders. For days they had heard of possible attacks and they had begged the government to send soldiers, but none were sent. The Nigerian government can now be said to have caused most of this catastrophe. They have done little to stop the violence that has taken place. They have even found where most of the kidnapped girls are being held but they still do nothing to protect their own people.

The United States has sent advisers and equipment to help but there is no plans to send any military personnel to help with the situation. China has also spoken of helping the Nigerian government but so far none has been sent.

This emergency has been going for quite some time. It only became known to most of the world when Boko Haram kidnapped some 300 school girls. The group Boko Haram is attempting to bring an strict Islamist form of government to the northeast region of Nigeria. Those who have not followed them have been killed or run out of their homes.

It was first believed that the girls had been sent to neighboring countries but it has been found out that they are still in Northeast Nigeria. The world wants to step in to help but it is Nigeria who has said that they can handle the situation and so far they have not even begun to one thing about it.

If Nigeria doesn't start to attack these extremists and put a stop to the bloodshed there will be nothing left of this region and Boko Haram will have gotten what it wants, complete autonomy of the area.