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Boko Haram Loses 60 kidnapped Girls

Nigeria's Islamic Rebels Boko Haram lost 60 of its kidnapped schoolgirls. That's right when the rebels left their compound to go to a nearby village to kill, harm, rape, the girls saw an opportunity and took it. So what does this tell us about these murderous thugs? That they are not the smartest rebels on the block. 60, yes that's right, 60 schoolgirls outsmarted these fools.

If you haven't heard what's been going on in Nigeria well lets take a step back and review the situation. A couple of years back Boko Haram became a radical Islamic group that wanted nothing to do with anything that had to do with the western world. They began their reign of terror by attacking local villages and destroying schools or businesses that dealt with anything western They moved to simply killing villagers but the worst came when they would bomb their targets and then leave secondary bombs that would take out any of the rescuers who tried to help.

About four months ago they kidnapped some 200 plus schoolgirls and were going to sell them into slavery. They would later decide to possibly trade the girls for captured comrades. What did happen with the kidnapping is that it got noticed by the world. The United States along with China and other countries began to offer help to the Nigerian government. Unfortunately Nigeria didn't accept the offers and said they would take care of Boko Haram themselves. At this time the government has failed at that task.

When Nigeria was playing in the World Cup Soccer tournament groups of Nigerians would gather to watch from big screens set up around the country. One match saw an entire village getting ambushed. Another match saw spectators bombed while watching at a local mall.

Now as I said earlier some 60 young girls escaped from their Boko Haram captors. Either this makes these Islamic Rebels the stupidest terrorists around or they simply allowed the girls to escape. I would like to think the first, that they are the dumbest group of terrorists around. What's worse is that if the terrorists are the dumbest then what does this make the Nigerian government. So far they have not been able to do much against Boko Haram. Hopefully the rest of the girls will see another opportunity to escape and somehow Boko Haram's reign of terror will come to an end.

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