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Boko Haram Kills 100's of Villagers

Boko Haram, the Islamic terrorist group from the Northeastern section if Nigeria has once again gone on the warpath. Launching rocket propelled grenades and homemade bombs the rebels killed most of one village and are burning it to the ground. Some nine other local villages are now on the run. Any help from the Nigerian government was nil or none. There was a government encampment close to one village but they were taken out and slaughtered.

Boko Haram an Islamic extremists group has been on the warpath for some time. Their goal is to erase any and all western influence in the area. They started with schools and government buildings. They have kidnapped over 300 young schoolgirls and have threatened to sell them off. At one point they wanted to trade them for men being held by the Nigerian government.

What has the Nigerian government done about all this, very little. While the Nigerian soccer team was playing in the World Cup being held in Brazil, every time the team played Boko Harem would attack any group of people who were simply watching the match. Many were killed during these matches.
Currently, the Northeastern section of Nigeria is in total disarray. Boko Haram has done as they wanted and the government does little to stop them. When the girls were kidnapped almost five months ago the world was willing to come to the aid of the Nigerian government but help was pushed aside. Nigeria said they could handle the crisis but when the Islamic group terrorizes any village there usually isn't any government troops around.

Eventually Boko Haram will control all of the area and will then move toward the Nigerian capital. Some outsiders believe that the government is actually working with Boko Haram and that it will eventually become an Islamic State. In the meantime there are going to be many villagers who will be killed and slaughtered. The world is simply helpless to just stand by and watch. The United States has considered to stop sending funding to the Nigerian government to try and get them to do something but has at this time not followed through. So we continue to simply watch the death toll rise and do nothing to help.

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