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Boise State Quarterbacks: Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It would be difficult to find anyone in Boise who doesn’t already believe Kellen Moore is the greatest quarterback in Boise State history. Many will argue he is one of the greatest quarterbacks in college football history. It is hard to argue the numbers or wins but we will compare the numbers to the other quarterbacks. Keep in mind, Kellen is the only one of the six quarterbacks to start four years. Would Dinwiddie or Hendricks have similar career wins and stats if they played a full four years? What about Tharp or Southwick, as they played only a season or two respectively.

Moore’s statistical numbers were absolutely insane. He threw for 14,667 yards, sixth all-time and 142 touchdowns, second all-time. Do the math and that equates to more than 3,666 yards and over 35 touchdowns per season. Compare that to the best season of the other five quarterbacks and only Hendricks and Dinwiddie can touch those numbers. In Hendricks senior year, he amassed 3,364 yards and 35 touchdowns. That was his senior year, the previous seasons don’t even come close. In Dinwiddie’s best season, he totaled 4,356 yards and 31 touchdowns. He threw for over 3,000 yards twice and over 30 touchdowns only once. Considering these are the best single seasons for Hendricks and Dinwiddie, the stats simply don’t compare to Moore’s. He never threw less than 25 touchdowns in a season and over 30 touchdowns in three seasons and over 40 in one of those. In all four seasons he started, he threw over 3,400 yards. Moore’s worst statistical season was nearly as good as the best of any of the other five. Bottom line, the numbers don’t compare. Statistically, Moore is the best.

Moore won an incredible 50 games as the starting quarterback, five more than the second most wins, Colt McCoy. This is a record that may never be broken. First of all, you have to win more than 12 games each year and this is difficult considering most teams play 12 to 14 games in a season. Secondly, you have to start as a freshman and play throughout your four year career, while remaining healthy during all four years. Moore lost only three games in four years, a record of 50 – 3. No matter what division or conference you play in, that is incredible!

Moore garnered national attention as well. He was a Heisman Finalist in 2010, when he finished fourth in voting. He also had two other top ten Heisman finishes during his career.

Moore wasn’t drafted into the NFL but he got a free agent deal with the Detroit Lions. He is preparing to enter his third season with the Lions as he battles to be the third QB on the depth chart.

You’ll find Moore on several top college quarterbacks lists but is he the best quarterback in Boise State history?

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