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Boise State chooses Coach Bob Gregory as defensive coach

Right before the Fiesta Bowl BSU thought it was important to announce that they agreed to a new five-year contract with the football coaching staff. They wanted to put everyone at east that Coach Pete and his staff are staying with BSU and that this Fiesta Bowl is not the last game with our all time favorite coach. Coach Pete even said that it was not so much for himself but for his staff. He wanted to make sure that they had everything they wanted to keep them happy here.

Shortly after that, the Tennessee defensive coordinator job was available and, apparently, a little more enticing than the new BSU contract. Maybe these contracts are not so solid.

All that aside, Wilcox has proven that BSU can play with the big boys over and over until we in Boise are tired of arguing about it. His defensive players have accomplished more than anyone could have expected. He has converted several players into the pros, and there are more to come. No one can say that he is leaving BSU on bad terms. Let’s hope he can do the same for Tennessee. Maybe BSU will be playing his team one day now that his accomplishments are finally starting to be recognized in the elite NCAA world.

The new Defensive Coordinator is our own Pete Kwiatkowski, a logical choice moving up from defensive line coach. And to replace him: Bob Gregory, a former BSU defensive Coordinator who has been quite successful in California for nearly a decade. Bob worked with Coach Pete when they were defensive and offensive coordinators back in the old Hawk days. They also worked together at Oregon. Gregory and Pete are close friends, and it seems like a good fit. Look for them to work hard to provide the same old wild success that we are accustomed to in Boise.


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