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Boise State Broncos to play the Texas Christian Horned Frogs in the Fiesta Bowl

First reaction: wow. Is this one of those be careful what you wish for moments? Just when we thought the elitist BCS was starting to respect fairness, they figure out one more way to insult the lesser schools. BSU would be playing TCU anyway; they played TCU last year at the Poinsettia Bowl. TCU won by one point to be one of only four teams to beat BSU since Coach Pete became head coach.

Possibly, the BCS thought that this would be a nice little niche for the two BCS bowl busters to play together by themselves and let the real schools play the big games. Ok, but it is like taking your sister to the prom.

Thank goodness Texas’s number 15 kicker was able to beat 22 ranked Nebraska by a last- extra-second field goal to allow BSU the hope of going to the Fiesta Bowl.

Nothing against TCU who has proven themselves time and time again the past several seasons. This will be a great game. It might even be the most exciting game of the post season. But TCU deserves a little more respect, too. They must feel like a girl who is taking her brother to the prom.

This would be fine if BSU and TCU were number three and number four; that would make sense. But TCU is number four and BSU is number six. By any logic at all, TCU should be playing number three Cincinnati, and BSU should be playing number five Florida. Watch out Tebow. Wait, no. Don’t worry Tebow; the day a lowly undefeated team from flyover country plays any SEC team will be a new day in college football. You are safe from that catch 22.

As it is, we BSU fans are flocking to Horizon Air lines in hopes of riding on the Horizon BSU plane to Glendale. We will have our raging party with TCU, and at least everyone will know who the top bowl buster is. The rematch is on.

Take a look at what the Stephen Francis the TCU Horned Frogs Examiner has to say. It is eerily similar:

TCU-Horned-Frogs-Examiner - What-does-the-TCU-and-Boise-State-Fiesta-Bowl-matchup-say-about-the-BCS


  • BSU81 5 years ago

    Both BSU and TCU have been climbing a mountain of respect. We both topped out above the clouds a the same time. Looking for an opponent to prove ourselves. Trouble is, this is a new day, almost all the old powers have fallen away. TCU and BSU ARE the new power elite. There are few left to challenge us, so the next step of evolution is for the new power elite to start playing each other. This is not the "little kid's table", this is the new banquet!

  • Marte' 5 years ago

    My reaction to the Fiesta Bowl announcement was, WHAT? In all the BCS Bowl predictions previous to the announcement, I never once heard any of the experts predict a BSU/TCU matchup in the Fiesta Bowl. The way I see it, is that the elite teams have already been embarrassed by BCS busters in the past by BSU and Utah and don't want it to happen again. So, the powers that be avoid that by putting both the busters in their own bowl. Here, though, are two schools that were out to prove they could compete with the larger schools and aren't given the chance. I guess there's going to be a ball in January, but the two Cinderellas aren't getting a chance at the big dance.

  • David Weber 5 years ago

    BSU81, I like your point of view. The BCS isolated both of us, and it is because of what Marty says, they are tired of being embarrassed.

    Maybe you are on to something. Maybe it is time to compete with the BCS. We have four solid power teams to work with already: BSU, TCU, Utah, and BYU (don't flame out if I missed someone, just add a comment to tell me). Many other teams on the WAC, the Mountain West, and the Big West are improving greatly. Look how hard it was to beat UC Davis, Utah State, Nevada, and Idaho. And don't forget the Big 12. Texas Tech (I love the Red Raiders) and Iowa need a break, too. How many dozens of beaten down schools am I leaving out?

    Wait til the Fiesta Bowl is by far the most exciting and highest rated game of the BCS this year. Then we will have some leverage.

  • David Weber 5 years ago

    I got it. It's like those movies where the devil gives you what you want but he twists it in a way to make it impossible to enjoy. "Ghost Rider" comes to mind or "Devils Advocate."