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Boise State Broncos Spring Game of 2010 was a perfect day

Special teams
Special teams looking like clowns and playing like heroes

It seemed as crowded as a regular season game even though only a third of the stadium was full for the Blue and Orange game on Saturday. The parking was as difficult as usual. Where do the other 24,000 people park in season?

It had to be some kind of a record for a scrimmage game with at least 12,000. The weather was perfect. It was the nicest day of the year so far around 72 degrees and perfectly calm.

Maybe, since it was too early for water skiing and too late for snow skiing, the Spring game was the place to be. Even Kyle Wilson was there.

Pete off by himself contemplating the events unfolding

It was a day for the truest fans. Instead of the usual shouting, screaming, and cheering, the noise was gracious applause and thoughtful conversations about stats and freshman.You could even hear the cheerleaders.

The game was exactly as expected including the usual atmosphere of being on the inside of the stradegies. Pete had his usual fun pulling a few tricks like removing some of the best defense players at the end of the game to give the offense an advantage. It didn’t work. The defense picked Moore’s two-point conversion pass to win by two.

The scoring was new. The offense played normal football rules, but the defense earned points from three and outs, sacks, turnovers, interceptions, and fourth down stops.

Kyle Wilson talking to Tom Scott for some reason
while Mark Johnson tunes out

 It was obvious that the first stringers played only when it mattered, and quarterbacks were off limits. I am not sure what constituted a sack exactly, but it did not include a quarterback on the ground. No matter, though, It was nice to see the younger players doing so well.

The freshman quarterback, Southwick, had a great day. He outplayed Coughlin making us wonder if he will take the number two spot in season.

The defense ruled as usual stopping the offense nearly every time. It almost seemed as if they knew what was going to happen in advance. The defense was everywhere. The offense gave a valient effort though getting a few big plays in. Southwick connected wtih Burke at the end with a 48-yard touchdown pass.

Brand new horse

The game was actually relaxing. There was no anxiety worrying if this would be the Broncos first loss in years. We all knew for sure that BSU would win. It was fun to watch, it was reassuring to see that the team is solid, and it was a perfect day. We even got to see the new horse.

There is no doubt whatsoever that BSU will have a another crazy strong year with some of the best college football players in the world.


  • billybob 5 years ago

    "Where do 36,000 people park in season?" What does this mean?

    "..inside of the stradegies." stradegies? is that bushism?

    " I am not sure what constituted a sack exactly" When its clear the quarterback would have been tackled. ie wrapping arms around, grabbing jersey.

    Decent article, nice pics. Go Broncos

  • David Weber 5 years ago

    ... also, I have misspelled strategy so many times in my life, I am going to leave this one in as a reminder.

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