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Boise State Broncos outspoken rivalry game is on ESPNU

Avery after another of his many rushes
Avery after one of his many runs

Boise State fans who watched the BSU/Hawaii game on TV are saying it was boring. This is perplexing because it was one of BSUs best games of the season so far. The three thousand BSU fans at the game were going wild with every first down and every score, and this was without cheerleaders and outnumbered ten to one by Hawaii fans.

The difference in the experience becomes painfully obvious if you watch the game on TV. It was on KTVB Idaho News Channel 7, the home of the Broncos. The voice of the Broncos, Mark Johnson, normally the news anchor, and Tom Scott, some guy who never smiles and somehow has become some kind of and expert, called the game.

The broadcast begins with a couple of Hawaii landscape scenes with Mark and Tom telling about their own boring antics on the Island and their flights. It was obvious from the beginning; they were not interested in the game. Their broadcast was on “piggy back” of Hawaii’s coverage, in other words, they voiced over the same video that the local Hawaii station was using. Thus, instead of producing it, they were following it. Mark and Tom were so bored, they began making fun of players and the player’s loved ones. It was agonizing to hear Mark pretend to get excited when BSU scored. And forget about looking for your favorite BSU fans on the show. The broadcast was bereft of anything fan related.

Titus Young scoring
Titus Young making the touchdown before his personal foul

Contrast that with Hawaii’s local coverage. Same video; exciting game. The guys who called the game had interesting anecdotes about the players. They have that laid back Hawaii, charm and they actually appeared to be fans of Hawaii football (I know these things are normally a given, but not in Idaho).

Kaiserman the hero of the second half.
Kaiserman the hero of the second half.

When Idaho’s News Channel 7 found out that ESPN decided to take over our rivalry game against Idaho, they were angry. The news that night was about how 40 percent or so of local fans are being denied the right to see the game. That must be some estimate of the number of residents who do not have ESPNU on cable or satellite. Obviously, Channel 7 will miss possibly their highest rated broadcast of the year. Too bad. As a consolation, the game will be exciting and fun to watch on ESPNU. Hopefully, the zillions of denied fans can find somewhere to watch the game. One opportunity, by the way, is at the BSU basketball arena, where anyone can watch the game for free on the big screen.