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Boise State Broncos made it -- barely -- again

Tonight's game against the Hokies was too familiar and too hard to watch as usual. Both teams made big mistakes that gave big advantages to the other. Nice for the Broncos, the Hokies' mistakes came early and the Broncos led for the first half.

The Hokies were visibly discouraged until the Broncos began making mistakes during the second quarter. The Hokies then woke up and dominated the middle of the game. For once in quite a while (I can't remember the last time specifically) the Broncos were trailing.

The temperature (I believe it was in the mid to upper 80s) and humidity affected the players. Both teams were fighting cramps and fatigue from so much sweating. The game became a race against the clock and against the pain.

Late in the fourth quarter, it looked a lot like the Hokies would win. The Broncos were out of time for mistakes, and the Hokies were confident. With around two and a half minutes to go, the Broncos offense pulled off a great drive and scored with a little over a minute to go leading by three. The defense staved off the Hokies for the last two plays and then took a knee for the last 30 seconds. The Broncos won 33/30.

Boise State proves one more time that they can play football in any venue. It is nice to see the conversation turning toward the National Championship as a possibility  instead of a nice pipe dream.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Get your facts straight, it's Virginia Tech. Secondly Utah leaving for the Pac is what started this chain reaction. It's not hard to see why fish wraps are going out of business.

  • Profile picture of David Weber
    David Weber 4 years ago

    It was Utah moving to the PAC 10 that caused the chain reaction with moving conferences. However, I thought Utah was in the Mountain West. What does that have to do with BSU leaving the WAC other than creating the vacancy? Please enlighten me.

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