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Boise State Broncos go to Hawaii as number 4 in the BCS

Warriors contrasted against last year's scoreboard
Warriors contrasted against last year's scoreboard

The Broncos scored the highest ranking ever for the first BCS listing of the season. It is hard to imagine a better score in a system that is bias against non-BCS schools.

The Broncos are taking the news in stride with the same obviously rehearsed responses: We don’t pay attention to that; we just play in the moment and try to have fun; it is what it is; we don’t even look at the scoreboard.

Deep inside though, I am sure the Broncos are loving this. The fans are certainly loving this. It is a lot of fun to see after all of the doubters have had their say.

The Broncos have their challenges though. This ranking can be attributed to circumstances out of the Broncos' control. A lot of other teams had to lose a lot of unrelated games to get the Broncos to this point.

The players and Coach Pete constantly remind us that they need work. And this is true. The offense has to figure out how to hang on to the ball, and the defense… well, the defense is the reason we are having this conversation, but they could stand improvement, too.

The Broncos play the unranked Hawaii Warriors this Saturday. This is the unspoken rivalry for Boise. Talk to any Bronco fans who have been to a Hawaii game, they will tell you it is brutal. Hawaii fans are known to be antagonistic toward Bronco fans. This makes for a strong desire to see Hawaii go down regardless of the BCS.