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Boise Idaho's mad hatter relay race gives new meaning to "fun run"

Race number pinned on and ready to go!
Race number pinned on and ready to go!


  • Drew Denny - National Canoeing Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article and fantastic photos.

  • Andrew 5 years ago


    Great article and picture of the Bakers at the top of the page! I inadvertently ran through this race going the opposite direction on the Greenbelt that morning. The first hat that passed struck me as odd, the second as well but maybe just a coincidence, and the third enough for me to realize that this was the Mad Hatter. Good stuff. PS - thanks for the link to, I am looking into that!

    Andrew (Boise Triathlon Examiner)

  • Felice 5 years ago

    What a fun race! I love running relays -- I've only done two of them but plan to do many more in the future because they really are fun!

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