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Boise Idaho's mad hatter relay race gives new meaning to "fun run"

Race number pinned on and ready to go!
Race number pinned on and ready to go!

Ironmancab's Photo (Now that's a stretch!)

If you're looking for a true "fun run"...Boise's Mad Hatter Relay Race is your race!  It's a cross between a race and a costume party that includes wearing a crazy hat.  It's halloween in the spring time complete with a run course in Julia Davis park, participants who are out for a good time, some great prizes from Shu's Idaho Running Company and some refreshments at the finish line that included some very yummy home baked muffins.  

This year was the 2nd annual Mad Hatter Relay Race put on by Jeff Ulmer and sponsored by Shu's Idaho Running Company.  I spoke to Jeff and he said he started this race after doing another one similar to it and had so much fun that he decided to have one here in Boise.  I think everyone who ran the race yesterday will agree that it is the definition of a "fun run".  There were age group awards given and also a prize for the best/biggest hat.  There's a kids race, "The Rabbit Hole", in addition to the adult's relay race and there are three different categories to enter in for the adult's race: men, women and co-ed.  This is one of those races that you come out to do just for the fun of it and if you win a prize, well, that's just an added bonus!

Those that participated in yesterday's race showed up in all sorts of  fun hats & costumes (see all pics below) and among them were two guys with airplane hats that were just great...they were the winners of the hat contest!  One of the guys wore a t-shirt that read "Mr. Wright" while the other one's read "Mr. Wright Now"...

Ironmancab's Photo (The Wright Brothers-winners of the best hat)

Ironmancab's Photo (April Hubbard at the baton exchange)

they had handle bar mustaches, goggles & old style pants, complete with suspenders! Their hats were big, costumes were both funny & creative and they deserved to win.

I remember hearing about this race last year, but hadn't spoke to anyone who did the race.  A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends, April Hubbard, asked if I would do the "Mad Hatter Relay Race" with her. I jumped on board as it sounded like a fun time too be had!  I volunteered to make our hats and had a great time doing it. Unbeknownst to me, this was April's first time running a race and I had only found that out the night before the race.  I was excited to be a part of her first running race and happy that we had such a great time at the event.  She couldn't have  picked a more fun race to do for her first one and we got an "honerable mention" for our hats which was pretty cool!  Good job and congratulations April...on running your first race and thank you for inviting me to be a part of it :) 

If you missed this year's Mad Hatter Relay Race, don't worry...there's always next year and believe me, if you're looking for a great fun run, this race is not to be missed!  Be sure and mark this one down on your list of "must do races" and don't miss out on it next year.  Check out Blue Circle Sports for upcoming races and also to view the results of yesterday's Mad Hatter Relay Race

Below, you can see a video of the race start and a slideshow of my pictures.  In addition, here's a link to some other really great pics that a professional photographer took at the race: 

Thank you Jeff Ulmer and Mike Shuman for such a fun event, I look forward to running it again next year!

Happy Running everyone :)

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  • Drew Denny - National Canoeing Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article and fantastic photos.

  • Andrew 5 years ago


    Great article and picture of the Bakers at the top of the page! I inadvertently ran through this race going the opposite direction on the Greenbelt that morning. The first hat that passed struck me as odd, the second as well but maybe just a coincidence, and the third enough for me to realize that this was the Mad Hatter. Good stuff. PS - thanks for the link to, I am looking into that!

    Andrew (Boise Triathlon Examiner)

  • Felice 5 years ago

    What a fun race! I love running relays -- I've only done two of them but plan to do many more in the future because they really are fun!

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