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Boise, Idaho pushing for legalized gambling to boost economy

Boise, Idaho may legalize gambling to boost economy
Boise, Idaho may legalize gambling to boost economy
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In order to boost the city’s economy to bring in more money and people, Boise, Idaho is pushing for the city committee to legalize gambling. This is all according to which was reported on August 20. The city’s commissioners are trying to get gambling in certain parts of the county legalized to boost their economy.

Some of the city residents say legalized gambling in at least some of the city would make it boom and profitable once again like it was in the past. According to Harley Hillyard, who is on the small 15-person committee, he says he would really love to be able to add a few slot machines and card tables to his restaurant. He believes having this in his restaurant and in at least some parts of the city would bring more people, business, and extra money, boosting the economy for the city.

Apparently, the committee sat in a meeting where they requested an interview and the request for their interview to push the legal gambling issue was talked about shortly. Although they are discussing the issue briefly, they say there is nothing to say about it yet but they are thinking about it. At the moment, they are saying it is just an idea they are discussing.

Although many of the business owners in the city would love to have legalized gambling and they say it could boost their economy bringing a lot more business, people, and money in, some people are a little concerned about the situation. They are a little worried legal gambling might bring a few problems to the city. They are going to think more about it and come to a decision in one week, according to the committee.

The committee will make the decision within one week about whether or not legal gambling will be placed on the ballot in November. However, it will be non-binding for now. If the voters in the city do decide to support the idea, it will then go to the legislature where it will then need a two-thirds majority. After that, it will then go to the voters within the state of Idaho before it can be amended.

If it is legalized in Boise, Idaho, it won’t be like Ohio where, according to The Columbus Dispatch, gambling is still illegal and many citizens and business owners have been getting busted because although it is still illegal in Ohio, many people are finding their own ways to gamble.

Although the idea has brought many questions to the people in the city of Boise, there will be two public meetings going on at the end of August. One will be held at the Church Community Hall from 4 pm- to – 6 pm and the other is set to be held at the Horseshoe Bend City Hall from 6 pm – to – 7 pm. Anyone who is interested in the idea of legalized gambling in Boise, Idaho can read more about the proposal on the committee by going to this link.

It will be interesting to see if gambling will, in fact, be legalized in Boise, Idaho and if it is, will it bring more people and business, and boost the economy for the city? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts on this situation in the comments below.

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