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Boiling-water-to-ice, dozens get scalded

Top news coming in to a warm San Francisco today is about the freezing temperatures and the extreme weather that has taken over half of the country.

Boiling-water-to-ice, dozens get scalded
Getty Images
Boiling-water-to-ice, dozens get scalded
Getty Images

People have been showing off their skills of throwing boiling water out into the frigid air to watch it turn to ice and snow.

But, according to, sometimes those episodes are going wrong.

The news site says:

"Plenty of people have been unable to resist the thrill of throwing boiling water into the air in the apparently perilous attempt to watch it freeze—but it hasn't gone so well for everybody."

According to the LA Times, social media has reported at least 50 cases of the stunt going wrong. Sometimes the victims have had to seek treatment in hospital and this has included at least two children.

The reason the trick has gone wrong for many people is that the wind has caused the boiling water to blow back toward the person who threw it. In other cases, people have tripped and fallen on the ice. This is what happened to one South Dakota woman who tells news crews:

"As I was throwing it, I slipped on the ice and the water went up."

She needed to go to hospital for second- and third-degree burns, says the Argus Leader.

"It went all over my neck and down my back."

It seems the news anchors who encourage people to try the experiment have not been hurt themselves, but many are now warning their viewers to be careful.

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