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Boiled crawfish returns to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Don't be a bore. Suck the head.
Don't be a bore. Suck the head.

Please be advised that boiled crawfish have indeed returned to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchens across these United States. It's a welcome return if last night is any judge, especially considering that the formidable $3.95 per dozen raw Texas Gulf Oyster special continues to run. However, to take full advantage, get yourself to Pappadeaux within the next week so that prices on these cajun favorites remain optimal for your dining dollar.

Don't forget that boiled crawfish and raw oysters are terrific foods for we dieters as long as we don't pile on the cocktail sauce and feast on too many of the boiled potatoes or corn cobs.

March 1st marks the official return of $3.95 per pound boiled crawfish, wonderfully seasoned, and including a couple of brilliantly boiled potatoes and cob of corn. Before the first of March, a pound will run you only a dollar more at a reasonable $4.95.

Last year was a difficult time for crawfish as this reviewer noticed many of his orders from various restaurants arriving with a little less than stellar-sized crawfish. Last night at Pappadeaux raised my expectations for this season, as the mudbugs arrived looking healthy with terrific orange-to-red color, and very few scrawny tails. 

Our table ordered three pounds of crawfish, a dozen raw oysters, one hot tea, and one iced-tea. While the nice-sized crawfish were wonderfully seasoned, our first order of two pounds arriving hot and appetizing, our second order of a single pound showed up lukewarm. The oysters were a bit of a letdown, not in terms of size, but quality. The order was slow to arrive, the reason given by J.R., our friendly if a little absent waiter, that only one man in the kitchen was shucking. The oysters lacked a little freshness in terms of some chewiness, and didn't always burst with that flavorful, watery, pop indicative of the best oysters at the height of their season.

Three pounds of crawfish, a dozen oysters, and two teas ran us $26 dollars. As most can attest, a good meal out in the DFW area under $30 is nothing to scoff at, so I don't want to be overly critical. Get down to your nearest Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen and get to cracking those tails.


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