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Boil Water Advisory remains in effect

Boil Water Advisory remains in effect
Boil Water Advisory remains in effect

A Boil Water Advisory remains in effect for specific resident in Lancaster City. Yesterday, the Water Department issued a Boil Water Advisory due to a potential increased risk of microbial contamination. The advisory is prompted by a drop or loss in water pressure in the distribution system during water system maintenance.

The advisory applies only for residents in the 500 block of West Walnut Street, 302 North Mary Street, the 200 block of North Pine Street and four residences in the 500 block of West Chestnut Street.

So what does that mean?

A boil water advisory, simply stated, is just that: boil the water before using for drinking, making ice, or washing dishes. Until the Water Department announces the Advisory is cancelled, boil your water at a rolling boil for roughly one minute before using for consumption or food preparation. Boiling will essentially kill the possible contamination in this case. You may also choose to use bottled water. This includes water for your pets. They should not use the tap water without it being boiled first either.

Once lifted:

Once the Advisory is lifted, flush your pipes. This means run your water for approximately three minutes. Flush out your automatic ice makers. If your water heater is set at a low temperature, you should drain and refill it, suggests the Center for Disease Control (CDC). A low temperature is anything below 113E F.

Readers with concerns or questions can contact the City of Lancaster Water Department: Water Quality Laboratory at 717- 291-4818 between 7 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. on weekdays. The after hours number is 717-291-4816.