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Bogie & Bacall: Astrologically Honoring the Last of Hollywood's Royalty

The most famous couple from the Film Noir genre had a unique romantic chemistry both on and off the screen.
The most famous couple from the Film Noir genre had a unique romantic chemistry both on and off the screen.

Astrologically Honoring the Last of Hollywood's Royalty:
Bogie & Bacall - An Earth Signed Love of Mountainous Proportions

By: Brad Kronen

“We had it all
Just like Bogie and Bacall
Starring in our old late, late show
Sailing away to Key Largo”

Astrologically, the best romantic unions are comprised of two people both born beneath one of the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire or Water. With the foundation of Tinsel Town being based in such non-realistic energies as hear say, rumor, and empty promises, the majority of Hollywood's most well known couples tend to have the shortest of shelf lives, with most not being in any way memorable together as a loving team.

Not surprisingly, the couple from Hollywood's "Golden Age" who is respected and admired just as much today as they were at the height of their romantic prime, were both born beneath the most non-Tinsel Town like element of Earth, known for its ethic of hard work, grounded practicality, and non-diva like behavior, given the fact Lauren Bacall was born beneath the middle of the Earth signs, Virgo, and the love of her life, Humphrey Bogart, was born beneath the last of the Earth signs, Capricorn.

When the two Earth signs first met, she, the Virgo, was 19 and he, the Capricorn, was 44. At the time, he was a veteran actor on his 3rd failed marriage with a slew of films under his belt and she was a single model with no prior acting experience, whatsoever.

Despite having such vastly differing backgrounds, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall crossed paths on the set of the Warner Brothers film, “To Have and Have Not” in 1943.

What began as an on screen romance evolved into a Hollywood love union of legendary proportions.

The chemistry between the two Earth signs on the silver screen was so overtly palpable, the studios cast them as a leading duo in 4 more films over the course of 5 years after their initial first picture was made.

Privately, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall became permanent fixtures in each other’s lives well past those five years of filming. Not too long after making their first movie, the two Earth signs became dutifully committed to each other, and continued to remain so until the very end.

At first glance, a romantic relationship consisting of two people born 25 years apart from each other sounds anything but grounded and stable, however it must be specified that one of the two Earth signs in this particular pairing was born with Saturn as their planetary ruler.

The ringed planet rules over the sign of the Mountain Goat and Time itself, and for many a Capricorn, Time is the final determinant not only with their successes in Life, but with their personal relationships, as well. Many a Cappie will be interested in those much older than them in their younger years, and because they age well and grow more sexily distinguished with the passage of Time, those born beneath the last of the Earth signs will get involved with those significantly younger than themselves in their mid to later years.

Humphrey Bogart was no exception to this Time honored Capricorn rule.

“A kiss, in our family, was an event.” – Humphrey Bogart

Time, for the Capricorn, tends to act like an insidious enemy early on in life, but then transforms into a gentle, caring friend as the Saturn ruled person gains age and experience.

Thus it was for Humphrey DeForest Bogart, born on Christmas Day, 1899. Born to a father who was a Manhattan cardiopulmonary surgeon and a mother who was a nationally renowned illustrator, immensely high expectations were placed on the Bogart’s first born and only son. It was automatically assumed the son of Dr. Bogart would follow in his father’s medical footsteps, but hopes were dashed and disappointment ran rampant when young Humphrey was expelled from the prestigious Phillips Prepatory Academy in his final year of school.

Craving to be of use, Bogart enlisted in the Navy, but this only prolonged his sense of failure. The teen desired to take part in military action during the tail end of World War I, but the young Capricorn’s timing was off. Soon after joining America’s Naval Armed Forces, the Armistice was signed, bringing the “Great War” to a close.

An unwelcoming family along with a consecutive string of one dead end job after another awaited Humphrey upon his return from the War. Theater and dramatics were a last resort for the East Coast boy raised to be a gentleman, and even then, Bogart and Acting stumbled upon each other haphazardly when a childhood friend offered him a job at his father’s theatrical stage and film studio.

Time is no friend to the young Capricorn, and Bogart didn’t find stage acting the least bit easy or comfortable, at first. In the early years of his stage career, the green and inexperienced actor projected to the outside world an inability to possess any kind of dramatic “niche”, and early reviews of his theatrical performances were discouraging at best.

Despite the painfully noticeable absence of success and critical acclaim, the Capricorn slowly but surely trudged up his peaked hill of challenge better known as “Mt. Dramatic Skills”. Gaining valuable experience first with theater, then with Hollywood “B” movies, the actor born beneath the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat didn’t reach the precipice of success atop his dramatic mountain until his early 40’s, with the box office and artistic sensations of 1941’s “The Maltese Falcon” and 1942’s “Casablanca”.

Is it any cosmic wonder, then, the theme song from one of Bogey’s most beloved films is titled, “As Time Goes By”?

Returning to the Virgoan half of our Love duo…..

When young model Lauren Bacall was told by film director Howard Hawks that her leading man would be the much older Mr. Bogart, the Virgo’s first reaction was one of critical derision when the teenager thought to herself, “YUCK!”.

But the virginally dramatic beauty born beneath the sign of the Virgin would soon find out on set what a blessing having a veteran actor as experienced as Bogie as her leading man would prove to be.

The typical standard of excellence for a Virgo is Perfection, itself, and the harsh reality of being thrust into a starring role with no prior experience made Lauren Bacall realize quickly enough this acting thing wasn’t going to be the least bit easy, especially after being around her seasoned male co-star for just a few minutes.

Bacall is famously known for her characteristic "Film Noir Look", where she would drop her head so low, her chin would be practically resting on her chest, and her cat-like, emerald green eyes would proceed to look straight up at her leading man.

This notorious “look” came about because the Virgoan actress was so petrified with worried nerves during filming, her head would uncontrollably shake. Lowering the head while simultaneously lifting her eyes was the most effective way the inexperienced actress’ nervous condition of merciless self -criticism went unnoticed.

Despite having an illustrious career both in film and on the theatrical stage, Ms. Bacall was born beneath one of the karmic signs, who inherently function best when they are of service to others.

And the Virgo happily served her Capricorn husband like nobody’s business.

Even though her star was still very much on the rise, Lauren Bacall kept her acting career on a very short leash in order to make a home and build a family with her husband, who at the time of their marriage, was the most highly paid actor in all of Tinsel Town.

A family, fascinatingly enough, which consisted of Bogart, a Capricorn father, Bacall, a Virgo mother, along with a Capricorn son, Stephen, and a Virgo daughter, Leslie.

One of the most endearing personality traits of the evolved Virgo is their ability to be at one’s side in the midst of a crisis or problem, and asking where they can help while rolling up their sleeves in all earnestness to assist as best they can.

Case in point, when Bogie landed the role which earned him his one and only Best Actor Academy Award, as Charlie Allnutt in John Huston’s 1951 classic, “The African Queen", he was informed that all filming would be done on location deep within the jungles of Africa’s Belgian Congo,

…to which his Virgoan wife accompanied him every step of the way as the Hollywood entourage struggled and foraged through the deepest and most dangerous parts of the African wilderness.

Battling scorpions, armies of ants, attacking maternal hippos, and a raging bout of dysentery, which all but Bogart and director John Huston succumbed to, Lauren Bacall’s on-location presence proved to be an invaluable factor in the making of “The African Queen”.

The young starlet displayed her Virgoan best by not only being of cheerful assistance to her husband and to anyone else in the crew that needed her, the un-diva’s services were the most appreciated by the film’s leading lady and fellow Earth sign, Taurus, Katherine Hepburn, who ended up being the most harshly affected by the brutal African environment, becoming critically ill for a hair-raising portion of the movie’s filming.

Needless to say, the two Earth signed actresses became life-long friends from that point onwards.

Tragically and beautifully, Lauren Bacall served her husband to the utmost by tending to his every need right until the very end of his short lived life. Humphrey Bogart succumbed to esophogeal cancer at the age of 57 in 1957, leaving his Virgoan wife a widow with two children at the age of 32.

In one of her last official interviews, Ms. Bacall stated that she did "everything wrong" by focusing on her real life first and her career last. From a karmic perspective, I think the Universe would greatly beg to differ, given the admired popularity of the Earth signed couple of Bogie and Bacall will in all likelihood continue to withstand the test of Time now and well into the future.

Lauren Bacall In Memoriam:
September 16th, 1924 - August 12th, 2014

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