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Boeing phone made to self-destruct: Mission impossible or 007 worthy?

Boeing honchos deliver spy phone
Boeing honchos deliver spy phone

Boeing unveiled a smartphone on Feb. 27 that seems to come out of a "Mission Impossible" script but that could be used by 007 if James Bond actually was a real life character.

Sound intriguing? According to Nick Stockton of Quartz via MSN, Boeing has filed with the FCC to develop a smartphone for, well, spies. Spies on any level.

The Boeing phone dubbed "Black," possibly to symbolize dark and mysterious and possibly to appear low key, will "run an Android-variant operating system, be compatible with other technology, and—like any good spy phone—will self-destruct if you try to figure out its secrets."

So, anybody who attempts to pry open the tamper-resistent Boeing Black smartphone through its sturdy casing will cause all data to be deleted. At that point, this hardy device will be no good to nobody since the phone will be rendered useless.

This nifty spy gadget, which is being made in the United States (natch!), runs on Google's Android system. Meanwhile a lift more than five inches high and about 3 inches wide, this product is a bit bitter than an iPhone.

Dual SIM cards are available in the Boeing phone so that more than one cell network can be used.

And so, as Boeing unveils its Black phone, the world's leading aerospace company and largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined is now in the spy business.

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