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Boeing flies the 12 pattern

Boeing's Seahawk tribute
Boeing's Seahawk tribute

In case you missed it yesterday, Boeing's 747-8 freighter paid tribute to the Seattle Seahawks by flying a '12' pattern over Eastern Washington yesterday. It was tracked live for people to watch as they did the flight in the spirit of the Seahawks.

Boeing has been a loyal sponsor of the Seahawks for over ten years and did it in celebration of the team's National Football Conference Championship and the Super Bowl XLVIII. The freighter jet is decked out in Seahawk logos which includes a '12' on the tail, complete with 'Go Hawks' and #LOUDER on the right front side. The Seahawk symbol is highly visible just in front of the blue 'wings' turning the plane into one giant Seahawk.

Straight from Boeing's President and CEO Ray Conner, "We're honored that we could join together two Northwest icons, the Seahawks and the 747, for this special salute from the entire Boeing team."

So, who will win the Super Bowl? I spoke with psychic Kit Karson and avid Seahawks fan, and she said, "I'm giving the Seahawks the edge on this one." While she may be biased as a Seattle area native, her predictions have been accurate over the years I've been interviewing her. Let's get LOUDER!

Here is the 12 pattern that the actually flew plane flew yesterday.