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Boeing 787: Dreamliner lands on one engine in Honolulu

Boeing 787: Dreamliner lands on one engine in Honolulu.
Boeing 787: Dreamliner lands on one engine in Honolulu.
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Boeing 787 Dreamliner lands on one engine in Honolulu. Japan Airlines Flight JL002 was flying from Tokyo to San Francisco at the time. According to WebProNews on Mar. 10, the pilots noticed an oil pressure warning on one of the engines.

'At the approach to Honolulu the oil pressure was getting low, so the engine was shutdown,' said a JAL spokesperson.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner needed to declare an emergency when one of its engines was shut down. In the case of a twin-engine plane, this is standard operating procedure to prioritize the flight for landing with air traffic control.

The Boeing 787 has been subject to a number of manufacturing defects during its production. The latest being cracks found in the carbon fiber wings manufactured by Mitsubishi in Japan. Apparently competitor Airbus has similar issues with its A380s. In January 2013 the Boeing 787 was grounded due to battery problems. Problems early in the lifecycle of a new model are not uncommon. Boeing feels that this is normal and will be addressed and remedied soon

The Boeing 787 flight had 171 people on board when it was forced to divert and land in Hawaii. No one was reported injured and an investigation is underway.

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