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Boehner needs a Plan C

At least Esau got a bowl of lentil soup for selling out his birthright. What will Republicans get?—Daniel Horowitz

“Senator? You can have my answer now, if you like. My final offer is this: nothing.” -- Michael Corlione

What’s all this hoopla about Boehner’s Plan B? Basically it’s a rehash of Nancy Pelosi’s fiscal strategy that she launched as a trial balloon earlier this year. The Pelosi plan was to raise taxes on people who actually earn $1 million or more in adjusted income.

The plan might make sense to anyone making less than a million dollars, but basing the arguement on the amount of income on which taxes will be increased is missing the point. Raising taxes on any income group will only lead to higher debt and more unemployment. The only way to reduce our astronomical deficit is to cut spending and strengthen the private sector.

Boehner and his neocon allies have kowtowed to Obama long enough. They are giving away the farm … and the car … and the kids.

Here is what Boehner’s strategy should be:

There are five tax categories, two of which affect upper income earners. Boehner should propose that we freeze the Bush era tax rates for the top two categories and cut the tax rate for the three lower categories. That way the middle class will receive a much-needed tax reduction and the upper income earners, most of which are small business owners, will see future stability and be encouraged to invest and expand their businesses.

Along with that, Boehner needs to demand real cuts in government spending.

This is a strategy on which the Republicans can win. First, they make it clear to the middle class that they want to cut, not raise, their taxes. They assure the upper income earners that they will freeze, not raise, their taxes. And, more importantly, they can make a strong case that they are addressing the fiscal crisis in a mature and effective way.

By lowering the taxes on middle income earners, more capital remains in the hands of consumers whose purchases will feed America’s economic engine. By cutting spending we can finally begin to reduce the deficit.

It’s imperative that Boehner make it clear that without spending cuts there will not be a deal of any kind. All Boehner needs to do is make the case to the American public.

If Obama refuses any portion of Boehner’s plan his offer should be nothing. Let Obama shoulder the full blame for leading us off the fiscal cliff.

Obama won’t sign a tax reduction bill, because he wants to see a tax increase at all income levels. That was his intent all along. But at least he will have to take the heat.


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