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Boehner must act like the Speaker of the House

Boehner must act like the Speaker of the House. Ohio Congressman John Boehner became Speaker of the House in 2011 after the GOP staged a crushing defeat of congressional Democrats in the 2010 Midterm Election. The House Speaker is the third highest elected official in the country. Watching Speaker Boehner conduct congressional business, one would hardly guess he has that much power.

John Boehner has rolled over and allowed President Obama act like an incompetent king. Obama is incompetent but he isn’t king. The U. S. Constitution clearly states the Legislative Branch has equal power to the Executive Branch of government. Congress controls the budget and writes the laws.

This past week when Obama issued his 24th executive order delaying the employee mandate and Congress voted to raise the debt limit without any provisions. Many House Republicans wanted a limit on entitlement spending or exploration of the Keystone Pipeline. They got neither.

GOP members were disenchanted with Speaker Boehner’s relinquishing on the debt limit bill. As a result, only 28 House Republicans voted to pass the measure. Boehner is trying to have both ways. He wants acceptance with his delegation and be a darling with Democrats and the liberal Washington media. It won’t happen. He’s better off listening to his delegation. Republicans have sizable majority in the House and Democrats are scrambling by distancing themselves from Obama because of the failed Obamacare rollout.

Reports are now circulating that Boehner is losing control of his delegation and could possibly lose his role as Speaker of the House. However to his credit, Boehner publicly announced the House would not discuss any immigration bill for this session because Obama cannot be trusted to implement the rule of law.

Boehner comes from a humble upbringing. He brags that he played football for Gerry Faust. Faust was a legendary high school football coach in Ohio. Ironically, Faust was an absolute bust when he was Notre Dame’s head coach. If Boehner knows anything about football, he knows players get knocked down but they get back up and they in return do some knocking down. Obama will never change his narcissism. But Boehner needs to challenge Obama and defend the rule of law and remind Obama he has power also.

Final Thought: Final Thought: Detroit Mayor Duggan is taking a page right from Obama. He’s promising the world but delivering nothing. Streetlights are still out and the streets aren’t plowed. We can start calling him Barack Hussein Duggan.

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