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Boehner FINALLY calls out the extreme right

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"...they are not fighting for conservative principles". This is what House Speaker John Boehner told his fellow Republicans about those in "interest groups" who were calling the recent budget deal DOA before it was even completed. Boehner has finally done what he should have long ago: calling out the extreme right which is destroying his party. What they seek has never been in the interest of conventional conservatives. It was beyond logic to not just want lower taxes, but "extremely" lower taxes combined with a no regulation mentality which, in part, is what was behind much of the 2008 economic mess. The Bush tax cuts for example were never the proper recipe for job growth since job growth during the two terms of George W. Bush was simply anemic. The tax cuts just loaded more money into the pockets of the rich which did not turn into more jobs, the way "trickle-down" economics is supposed to work. These tax cuts also gave more strength to a rising trend of inequal monetary distribution and the onset of the middle-class squeeze. You would think honest conservatives would want to put more money into the pockets of the middle class since 70% of our economy is related to consumtion. This has always been the effective hallmark of the extreme right: to convince the simple-minded rubes (who listen & obey right-wing hogwash) that these massive tax cuts would help everybody. That is simply a myth.

The crash ,burn, and no compromise game-plan of the Tea Party did nothing for the middle class or America. They are responsible for what we have seen over the past few years when once regular "non-events" like debt ceiling increases were halted so that government came to near stand-still on a semi-regular basis. Even non-extremists like John Boehner were obviously sick of this extremist nonsense. It was bogging down a normally simply nomination process (which led to the recent change of the filibuster rules). All the Tea Party hacks were ever good for was trying to halt Democrats and moderate Republicans from ever passing their bills and their entire agenda. Extreme right-wing Americans are easily fooled and manipulated. An example of this is a group behind the extreme right-wing movement: the Club for Growth is an organization which targets primary candidates if they are not in favor of wholesale tax cuts. "Getting primaried" turned into a scary verb for those cowards who didn't have the courage to stand up for what's good for America, and not simply their own career. Maybe now the tide will turn when, usually timid types like Boehner vocalize what most people already realize: these people involved in "527" organizations ((meaning they can take in unlimited funding and never divulge who gives) have been called a "club for greed". These people only care about lining their pockets-not helping America.

As we look back one year on the anniversary on the mass murder of children (20 + 6 adults) these extreme right-wing types always oppose gun legislation (it's really too late now anyway) and usually utilize fear to anyone who even brings up that topic. They are basically poeple who have all the worst inclinations about how to operate government, and help the middle class. They have always used fear, lies, and deceit to move their agenda forward even at the cost of moving America backwards. You really can't compromise with these people, and most honest or moderate Republicans know it, but have been too afraid to vocalize it. Maybe now that Speaker Boehner has spoken what so many realize-his party can move back towards a more compromising position. There's nothing wrong with being for lower taxes, but cutting them for the ultra rich has done next to nothing for job growth, and hence-the middle class. There's also nothing wrong for attacking the Affordable Care Act, but come up with alternatives because America can't be a thriving democracy when so many go broke because they are sick.

I'm not against honest conservatives, but I've learned the extreme right is usually wrong on most every issue, and they don't like compromise. I've seen their ideas put into action, and increasing debt, a middle-class squeeze, and a world of little regulation is typically what results. We need oversight as the financial crisis taught us (check out the recent anniversary of the Madoff scandal). Cleaner air and water didn't happen by waving a wand. We can progress as a nation, and still seek a clean environment, greater job growth, and more affordable heath care. It won't be easy, and arguments will occur, but we need to work out some compromise in making our future happen, and the extreme right is against working out much of anything. I say yes to honest conservatives, and no to the extremists. I hope we can welcome back John Boehner in from the cold-harsh world he was a slave to for far too long.



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