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Bodyweight core and cardio fat burning workout

Mountain Climber Exercise
Mountain Climber Exercise
Mark Dilworth

Cardio exercise may not be your favorite thing to do, so fast-paced interval cardio workouts like sprints, squat jumps or power step ups will save your muscle mass, keep you lean and away from boredom.

This way, you are finished in 20 minutes and have burned major fat and calories. Do these types of high-intensity workouts no more than 3 days a week with 2 days between each session.

Combining core and cardio workouts work well also to help you reach your goals faster.

Doing these types of short burst workouts will change your hormones allowing your body to naturally regulate fat burning, appetite and moods. To get your muscles to improve power (how fast your muscles can produce force), do some or all of the exercises full speed. You will shape your bulkier, fast twitch muscle fibers when doing exercises at full speed.

Research at Duke University, directed by Dr. Cris Slentz, supports high-intensity exercise for better fat loss. The eight-month study showed that people could lose weight with exercise and no dieting. Those who exercised intensely, especially using interval training, lost much more fat than those who exercised moderately.

According to the research, the high-intensity exercisers had these advantages over the low-to-moderate intensity exercisers: more release of fat from cells, more fat used as fuel during exercise and increased metabolic rate after exercise

Keeping your heart rate elevated (or up and down like with intervals) during a workout will burn more calories and fat during and after your workout. Your metabolism can stay elevated for up to 48 hours after a tough, fast-paced workout.

Here is a workout for you to try (rest 30 seconds between exercises):

Rest 3 minutes between circuits. Repeat circuit 2 more times. 20 minutes total workout time.

Rest more after each exercise or circuit if needed. If you can't do an exercise full speed, then try half speed or three quarters speed until you improve.

Happy fat-burning!

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